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Escaping Google's gravity well: personal to-do list

I can't find who shared the Google alternatives page of with me but this is the path I intend to take forward.

I already:
  • deleted my Analytics and AdWords accounts.
  • switched to Qwant for personal search.
  • replaced Chrome with Vivaldi based on Chromium without the Google wrapper.
  • set up a personal NextCloud instance.
I still have to:
  • Move my documents to NextCloud although the web editing tools are lacking.
  • Open an email/calendar account with a different provider (ProtonMail, MailFence?).
  • Delete my Google account entirely.
I probably will open a new bare Google account to use Youtube only because there isn't any alternative for the available content. #Google #Privacy #NextCloud #Qwant #Vivaldi #ProtonMail #MailFence