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A Firefox extension to replace Youtube with Hooktube

HookTube uses the YouTube API to show videos without any of YouTube's tracking. via @Se7h ? ? ? and @Pafzedog

#privacy #youtube #hooktube #video

@hypolite @Pafzedog
Nice one :)

"without any of YouTube's tracking" => on #hooktube I still need to allow javascript from to play videos.. Isn't that still a way for "the G" to track my viewings?

Yup, I guess #hooktube does not have the capacity to mirror or proxy every video.
Still the front page advertises that one can "View quarantined videos as they appeared before YouTube Heroes got to them."
I'm guessing now this isn't true of deleted videos, only those in special "quarantine" state, still somehow fetchable from youtube.

Hopefully #peertube comes in to help build an even stronger alternative at some point 😀

On est maintenant sûr que #hooktube est tenu par un suprémaciste blanc (compte voat.co¹, compte gab.ai², site néo-nazi décrit comme amis³, et la raison de la création du site : contourner la monétisation et contourner le blocage de vidéos racistes⁴)

1 : "illegal right-wing extremist content"
2 : Connu pour être un réseau social pour l'alt-right
3 :
4 :

(merci à @rigelk pour ses recherches)

nobody know whi is behind #hooktube , but this guy use youtube-dl for hooktube.
if hooktube disappear, someone will create a new website who use youtube-dl
i like #newpipe also

@Rasta Dredd : there is a hastag #hooktube where you could continue to talk about hooktube

par contre c'est mieux de se faire pister sur YT, c'est ça que tu sous entends.
car ils sont sur place publique.
ce n'est pas mon choix.
Alphabet vole les données, vol les artistes, vol les Etats
si ca ne te gêne pas, c'est ton problème, mais laisse nous libre de ne pas les utiliser.

si tu as envie de faire un dossier d enquete sur les mauvaises pratiques de #hooktube vs #youtube ou #google ne te gene pas.

#Firefox #Addons
#hooktube Redirector by #2vek

Seamlessly redirects YouTube video links to hooktube.

Hooktube is very lightweight alternative to youtube UI. It bypass country blocks, age restrictions and have option for downloading video/audio.

Re YouTube: do you actually need a Google account to use it? Check out #HookTube too - all the YouTube content without using YouTube. A Firefox extension is available to replace all YouTube links and embeds with the equivalent HookTube one.

And +1 for Nextcloud calendars. It allows read-only and read-write sharing options, multiple calendars, multiple devices, and a pretty good web interface. On Android, #DAVdroid is the best option to sync your calendars (and contacts) - there's an option in the Nextcloud app settings to help you set it up too. I'm sure there'll be something similar for Apple devices.