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I’m okay with copycat #videogames “borrowing” gameplay mechanics from other games, because they still have to do the work.

But I’m totally not okay with #mobile games using footage from unrelated desktop (!) games in their ads.
Steam cracked down on games using unrelated cinematics for games on their platform. This is mostly the result of No Man's Sky and the ensuing goat rodeo.

That's good, I wished ad providers on mobile were as scrupulous.

Sounded great, right up to "fury road", then it became "well, that's not saying much".
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Oh, the films. I kinda want to play if after reading the article. But as a tagline it's kinda "A game better than a round crazy golf with somebody who turns up with a $4,000 set of golf clubs and a golf cart"

I feel like Mad Max films were released in the order of how good they were. I liked Mad Max. 2, 3, and 4 were all okay. They're fine, they're just not that great. A Mad Max game better than Mad Max, that I want to play (and I kinda did - there's plenty of this in both Fallouts), a Mad Max game that's better than Mad Max 2, 3, or 4? Just doesn't feel like a selling point, particularly.

I see your point. I would say the video game hardly compares to the previous movies because they were more story-focused when the video game gives a lot of meaningless side quests incentives that feel part of the universe but add very little to it in the way of narratives.

And you should see "Furry Road"...

(note: i'm making it up right now. If it evere existed, i didn't know, i didn't see it, and i don't want to.)

Playing Planescape Torment Enhanced Edition by @BeamdogInc for the first time, it makes Baldur's Gate look like a demo. #videogames
Ah, I knew you'd like it. MCA is one of my favourite writers, I just wish he'd written a few novels too so it didn't sound so geeky when I said that.

The downside is that I have to play shorter spans since there is so much to see and read. The first level is already mesmerizing of details.

Cosmonautica by @Chasing_Carrots tried to mix FTL and a Life Sim, however it closely misses the mark by giving pointless options #videogames

Just finished @RebelGalaxy, it's a quintessential space swashbuckling game with lean gameplay and catchy country soundtrack. #videogames