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If you’ve not been on #Twitter lately or never, I can confirm it still mainly is a cesspit of privileged alleged grown-ups rivaling at lacking basic human decency. I won’t provide details for obvious reasons.

@hypolite I loved it when it started - I was a beta tester. I met so many awesome people and made some good friends, but, as with all things that become popular, it went downhill and all I could see was spam bots and stuff like that. I haven't _used_ it in ages, but I do have various things that link to it. Don't think I've been to the page in a couple of years though.
It's like Facebook, as well.
Same thing happened.
And before that, IRC.
I made lifelong friends on IRC, back in the day.

I understand, and I feel like Mastodon could be somewhat resilient to the popularity effect, even though some features (like the reshare count) are similar to what made Twitter a dick length competition in the first place.

Decentralization is great because it somewhat compartmentalize people into smaller subset instead of amalgamating everyone into a big ball of nasty. And I feel like any effort to make decentralized social network look or feel like a centralized one (through numbers of shares and federated timelines) could ultimately be Mastodon's downfall. Thankfully, it is up to each instance's admin to decide if some features are worth it or not, so this could be somewhat mitigated.

I had to get out of there after a short stay last year. Didn't have the stomach for it even though a lot of interesting webcomic artists use it as their main information channel. Thank God they all use RSS too on their sites.

The #Twitter trend I'm not upset to (mostly) miss on: "While you're here, please check out my Youtube channel/Patreon page/Art account/Snapchat/GoFundMe campaign" self-replies under viral tweets.

many kurdish accounts on #twitter get suspended. Twitter is by that supporting fascism in this very crucial situation

You can help with:

- giving more visability to this issue through joining a twitter storm
- presenting an alternative

This would bring a benefit to the kurdish struggle and be on the same supportive for the fediverse

If you'd be into joining a twitterstorm pls boost this post (follow for updates)

Time and # announced if enough interest is there. suggestions welcome


I just read a self-described French patriot praise VK, the "Great Russia of Putin" and vilify the "French dictatorship" about #Twitter "censorship". I'm questioning everything I know about geopolitics and human intelligence right now.

there's no such thing as a french patriot; there's just citizens and dumbass with flags. More dumbasses than citizens these days, i'm afraid

You met a troll. He managed to grab your attention. 1:0? :D

Yeah, I'm very easily puzzled by trolls, that's why I left Twitter, I was unintentionally exposed to so much trolling it bummed me out constantly.


More about Twitter's toxicity

It's now been about two months since I deleted the Twitter app from my mobile phone, and I've already written about Twitter's toxicity, but something struck me again recently.

On no other social network I've ever been on people hate-retweet so much than on #Twitter. Not even on #Facebook. Hate-retweeting is the act of mentioning someone else's tweet to comment on how bad you think the tweet, the opinion expressed or the person is to you. I don't exactly understand why people on Twitter feel the need of doing that more than on any other platforms, but I have a few hunches:
  • Twitter is hugely popular and mostly public. Many famous
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Indeed, I got called out once for actually mentioning someone who was evidently the target of such a sub-tweet. I don't think jargon is specific to Twitter, but the extent to which it is negative (sub-tweet, hate-retweet, meltdown, hot/nuclear take, ratioed, ...) certainly is.

Swung by #Twitter again, got mad again, I'll never learn, won't I?
Relax. Don't worry, be happy! ^-^

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Someone on #Twitter asked me if there was a cross-posting solution with #Mastodon and I only knew about uni-directional IFTTT.

However, here's Crossposter by @renatolond.
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I got finally upgraded to the 280 characters limit on #Twitter, but the 140 characters limitation has never been the biggest inconvenience of the platform. If anything, it forced me to be concise and to the point, a quality I lacked; I'm truly sorry about my upcoming word salads.

#Twitter logic: Getting only 140 characters to reply to insults written in 280 characters. 🤷‍♂️

What the friggin' fuck, #Twitter? This is getting ridiculous, I never asked for notifications when this account simply tweets!


Another gem from #Twitter. Maybe if it showed all my contacts' tweets in my timeline they wouldn't have to pollute my notifications!

You can possibly use #ublock origin with its element hider. Use the element picker and check CSS classes, maybe there is something like "promoted-notification" around. Then just hide it. :-)

Indeed, if I was using Twitter UI more regularly, which isn't my goal. I'd rather perfect Friendica's Twitter bridge than spend time hacking Twitter's UI.


On Twitter's toxicity

Last month, I deleted my Twitter app from my phone, only keeping up with a carefully curated list of #Twitter contacts through #Friendica's Twitter bridge. I took this step because looking at Twitter made me invariably moody when not outright angry. And I blamed Twitter's engineered toxicity. It was credible from a company more interested in suspending accounts for swearing at verified accounts than banning white supremacist, more interested in making headlines than ban dangerous lunatic Donald Trump from using their services.

For a while, this trick seemed to work. Twitter goes to great length showing users heaps of unwarranted content: sponsored posts, tweets your contacts liked, even all the replies to a single tweets, which can range from somewhat funny to downright awful on touc... show more
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That's really hard. I've had to leave a lot of "social" media in order to take care of myself. The downsides were just too much for me, and focusing on taking good care of myself was much healthier for me and those around me.

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