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The Paradox of Tolerance

By philosopher Karl Popper

Comic transcribed below

Should a tolerant society tolerate intolerance?
Man carrying torch with swastika tattoo on forehead: "You want more tolerance? Respect my ideas!
The answer is NO.

It's a paradox, but unlimited tolerance can lead to the extinction of tolerance.

When we extend tolerance to those who are openly intolerant... ...the tolerant ones end up being destroyed. and tolerance with them.

Old man in pre-WWII German uniform with Hitler and Nazi imagery beside: "Let's give them a chance!"

Any movement that preaches intolerance and persecution must be outside the law.

As paradoxical as it may seem, defending tolerance... ...requires to not tolerate the intolerant.

Source: The Open Society and its Enemies, Karl R. Popper

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I hate promoted tweets and beer alike, but this one was too unusual for me to pass on.
Are you supporting billionaire friends of #Trump by drinking #TrumperJoes beer?
Vegas unions know a thing or two about fighting Trump!

Reporters were locked out of the #WhiteHouse due to confusion over their birth dates. #Trump prefers journalists who were born yesterday.


Why bother?

I thought truth didn't exist by itself. That to approach it, you have to carefully collect evidence from many sources that together point at a strong probability of truth. I thought people creating their own truth out of nothing existed but were rare.

With the Brexit vote and Trump's election, I admit now I was wrong. In retrospect, I was one of these people creating their own truth. That their number was not enough to have a decisive impact on the course of events was just baseless wishful thinking on my part.

It turns out everybody is creating their own truth to some degree, and words are meaningless. Especially the big words like freedom, justice, science or journalism. Now that I know that, I'm wondering if it always was like that or that it worsened over the last decade or so.

Fueled by a click-based economy, many made-up news websites saw the light of day during that time period. At the same time, regular news outlets were culling their staff because actual journalism is expensive and online ads have diminishing returns. This produced poorly sourced article... show more

I'll admit I was ready for the Fourth Reich right away, or the restoration of a monarchy, but I was not ready for President-Elect Donald Trump as a sales representative for its own brand. And while it's pretty bad in itself, it is almost refreshing from the usual arms dealings State leaders usually carry, although I have exactly no doubt he'll pick up the change of sales pitch real quick as President of the United States.

Washington Post: For foreign diplomats, Trump hotel is place to be (Jonathan O'Connell)

But prospect of access to new president raises conflict-of-interest concerns.
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About Hillary Clinton and false equivalencies

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Mrpetovan: KAOS


There are currently no other country as large and populous as the USA where there is a multiple party (at least 2) system. The scale of the USA means that to get to the top of the political ladder, being nice doesn't even start to cut it, because it's naturally easier to play on fears than good feelings, and special interest groups are powerful.

To be fair with Hillary Clinton, she has taken way more shit than any of her male colleagues. It wasn't always baseless, but the magnitude of the criticism often was blown up out of proportions, partly because she was associated with Bill Clinton, partly because she is a woman.

Despite the train wreck of a campaign that Donald Trump rode from the very beginning, I'm pretty sure the media had to find some sort of false equivalencies in order to have a more exciting (and profiting) close race between the main candidates even though it probably wasn't al... show more
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