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"I can't ride it alone!
– Not yet!"
#skateboard #kid #playground

I guess I can enable the buffer addon to post to instagram. Then you should be able to post this primarily to Friendica, which then is posted to Twitter and Instagram.

BTW: Nice picture. Is it your kid?

Yes she is, turned 3 in July!

What is missing to the buffer addon to post on Instagram?

An instagram account and a few additional lines to the addon, I guess.

Yeah, there is. For example that page is feed from my Friendica account:

Skateboard slo-motion shenigans.
#skateboard #slowmotion #water

skateboard is made out of wood, and beeing to many times in contact of water will reduce the stiffness and finally made plys fall apart.
and bearings prefer to get oiled rather than watered :)

Ha, makes sense. The board was thoroughly dried in the sun and heat, but I'll keep it in mind for next time.

long ride to you, dear!

Thanks, I have no idea what I'm doing since I'm riding on my own but I'm having fun (and sore muscles).

Is 33 too late to learn how to ride? Cue Lame Skateboard Dad.
#skateboard #skateboarding #dad
Never too late - go for it!

It looks like I did! I'll probably never pull off any impressive trick, but I have to be able to teach my daughter how to ride around!


Looking for a training skateboard for a 3-years old

My daughter is currently using her three-wheeled scooter as a #skateboard, she's pushing normally but then she puts her feet perpendicular to the plate.

I would like to know if any #skater I know could recommend me a skateboard with handlebars so that she can get familiar with a real board and trucks?
Paging @Fla, I got an answer already from a friend who directed me to and discouraged me from looking for a fancy skateboard with handlebars.