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Escaping Google's gravity well: personal to-do list

I can't find who shared the Google alternatives page of with me but this is the path I intend to take forward.

I already:
  • deleted my Analytics and AdWords accounts.
  • switched to Qwant for personal search.
  • replaced Chrome with Vivaldi based on Chromium without the Google wrapper.
  • set up a personal NextCloud instance.
I still have to:
  • Move my documents to NextCloud although the web editing tools are lacking.
  • Open an email/calendar account with a different provider (ProtonMail, MailFence?).
  • Delete my Google account entirely.
I probably will open a new bare Google account to use Youtube only because there isn't any alternative for the available content. #Google #Privacy #NextCloud #Qwant #Vivaldi #ProtonMail #MailFence

@Brian Ó 🐟 Google Inbox has automatic bundle grouping (Purchases, Updates, GitHub, ...), which reduces the number of notifications for unread emails and makes personal email stand out.

It also has other nice-to-have features like grouping email for a single travel trip together, extracting flight number and schedule from airline confirmation emails, showing prominent direct links to GitHub, but I wouldn't miss them as much as not getting an alert any time I'm receiving an automatic email.

^Big mistake :DDD

I just received an unsolicited email from SAP in my professional inbox:

Subject: New data privacy permissions
Body: We take data privacy seriously. Please opt in to receive SAP communications. Your permission allows us to send you invaluable SAP communications.


#GDPR #privacy #spam

A well-known enterprise all-in-one software company.

Easy-to-use guide to privacy-friendly sites and apps
Ok, here we go. This is a new website which is aimed at people who want to protect their #privacy online, but who aren't that into technology. I've tried to include sites and apps that most people need and most people can use:

Let me know what you think, any feedback welcome, positive or negative. If you like it, please feel free to share the link, spread the word etc.

I know it's not as comprehensive as sites like, but I've tried to make as simple and easy to use as possible.

#DeleteFacebook #DeleteGoogle #ReplaceFacebook


A Firefox extension to replace Youtube with Hooktube

HookTube uses the YouTube API to show videos without any of YouTube's tracking. via @Se7h ? ? ? and @Pafzedog

#privacy #youtube #hooktube #video

This is great! But for some reason, putting a hooktube URL directly into a Friendica post does not work. This would be quite useful, I think.



Please submit an issue on GitHub so that it lands on the radar of one of us. It's not really complicated, but someone™️ has to take some time to do it.

Will do. Thanks for confirming this!

I've dusted up my blog, most articles are pretty old, more are on the way about #privacy and Mad Max (unrelated).
Hi Hypolite, how do you monitor the server peeformance?

These days, using and the uptime command. I used to have a Munin setup on my previous server, but it is a pain to configure and I couldn't really do much with the collected data.


On the Online Privacy Trail: Dropping analytics

Join me as I embark on the Online #Privacy Trail, the first episode will be about web #analytics.
I came to web development at the point where analytics was done using a 1x1 transparent pixel image, just before Javascript trackers were introduced. At the time, it seemed like an improvement over an access log file that can be unreliable or limited in the amount of info it provides. Google bought Urchin in 2005 and it was the start of Google Analytics as we know it.

A simple interface (back then, it got very complicated), a simple tracker, nothing else to install, no access logs nor database required, it was very accessible. I guess I could have tracked the most popular pages of my then website using an access log parser, but I would probably not have thought of it.

Then Google became the giant we now know, which prompted me to find alternatives to popular Google products, which led me to that article.


The simple joys of hosting my own Friendica server

It's been a week since I set up my own Friendica instance, and when I went over the Settings when I created my account, I activated the Browser location feature.

A few days ago, I connected to my server on my phone, and then the well-known popup "This website wants to know your location" appeared. At first I was like "WTF, another spying website!?" and then I remembered I set it up myself. And for the first time, I gleefully accepted my location to be tracked by my own instance.

#friendica #privacy #geolocation
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