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Oh, the bittersweet feeling of reactivating my #OkCupid account:
Sweet: Maybe I'll find someone this time!
Bitter: Nobody answers messages.
@hypolite "Oh wait, that's right! I hate everything about dating apps."

Which is why I have four of them on my phone...

@deadsuperhero Not having a working Facebook account actually prevented me from having a second one, and the third one has been averted by an awful website design. I don't know any more dating apps. *phew*

My growing frustration with #OkCupid is that none of the women described seem to need me in their life, they all seem happy without me!

@Robert Biloute - on Yes, I have done that in parallel to online dating, and so far I have had more success with the NYC Single Parents Meetup Group than with OkCupid, for good reasons I suppose.

@Brian Ó Thanks for the offer, however I'm pretty sure you're not my type, sorry. 😬

Thanks everyone for the support, it means a lot to me, and I'd like to personally thank each and every one of you! 😘

Clearly your problem is that you're too picky. My mom says I'm a catch.

Tired of #OkCupid, I tried #Match, only to find out that it accepts a 20-char password at join but only 16-char at sign in. #webdev #fail 👍

If you're using a dating site, any messages you send are read by her, her mother, her sisters, her aunts, her cousins, her grandparents, all her friends, all her friends friends. There's no point in having a strong password, it's not a private account.

For me, it's more a matter of avoiding impersonation, not about content privacy.

I joined Yahoo dating in the late 90's. My profile and picture has been part of many dating websites ever since. They never even update it. I still come across it from time to time. No password saved me.

That's no difficult. Just set a max n of char to the input tag. My bank done that. After some years of me using longer passwords...

I'm slowly coming to the realization that #OkCupid is a great 5-years old MMORPG where eveyone is now AFK.
Still, you're doing better than me. I'm yet to find a site that won't reject my hex encoded profile.

#OkCupid Mentions of famous characters in dating profiles usually are intimidating, but mentions of Ron Swanson are outright insulting.

#OkCupid is my new favorite US website, but not necessarily for the reason you (or I) would have expected.


Oh no, you didn't explicitly said it, hence the "basically", but that's what all of your argumentation boils down to since it isn't about anything else.

Look, you don't have to love the metric system, but you don't have to make up absurd reasons no to switch to since only 4 countries in the world still use a non-metric system. All most of the countries that switched to the metric system were using the imperial system, there aren't any fundamental benefits, the metric system isn't bad because it was enabled in France by an authoritarian, there aren't any benefit from inertia when you're the only one left using that system, and expected costs of changing system are pointless when costs of keeping it are very real.

#OkCupid I wasn't ready for this and now I'm utterly confused. If it's a scam, it's a hilariously bad one, and if it's not, I can't even.


At least it admits that it's a scam and pretty fun one :D

How? Where does it admit anything? It could be a prank, but geez.

Whole text admits it. Especially last sentence.

Why scam? How do you think did brother asks Clea anything about this? I think not. Maybe they're both involved. Or it was written by Clea.

IDK, I just do not believe to anything that was written on these dating sites.

Well, if it's a scam or a prank, there's a good chance Clea doesn't exist at all, but it is too weirdly specific for that.

#OkCupid day 4: I've exchanged more messages with a nice but hopeless gay dude than with women. Questioning everything right now.

Oh great, now that I finally managed to message some people on #OkCupid, I'm so anxious waiting for answers I could puke.

I should date you guys.

Anyone else thinking about #OkCupid questions like 13-dimensions chess moves? Because I surely do.

For real though, I think I may be way too self-aware to succeed on #OkCupid. I'm creeping myself out right now.