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Taken right after watching Blade Runner 2049.
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I didn't think the movie was great, but this view really was.

Quintessential NYC picture: Brooklyn Bridge, skyscraper construction, brownstones and some green.
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This is why I love #NYC on foot. The many equally valid paths to your destination (unless you can use Broadway in midtown Manhattan)

For #NYC people who don't know what a #DecentralizedDanceParty is, here's my personal take on it.
[bookmark=]For #NYC people who don't know what a #DecentralizedDanceParty is, here's my personal take on it.

No they don't. Ideological purity only brings you so far.

So what? Will people have less fun because the event was posted on Facebook? This event is specifically "the more the merrier", doesn't it make sense to post it on the most popular social network?

At some point you have to find a balance between being an principled individual and an annoying curmudgeon, and I feel like you're toeing the line towards the latter more often than the former.

Afternoon entertainment.
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Was that today? A friend of mine who lives in Brooklyn posted a photo of a trash can fire a few days ago.

Yep, today, but it's missing the guy that helplessly poured a pitcher of water on it. It wasn't very effective.

The real New Yorkers who actually never sleep and are always busy even on the week-end.

I'm finding myself suddenly and seamlessly a french single dad in #NYC with no knowledge of the arcanes of american dating. Halp.

In the US, dating means "going out with the explicit intent of looking for a romantic relationship".

I don't know much about American dating, unfortunately... So I could just give you advice on meeting people in general, because that's usually the first step, right? Yes, I'm aware that you probably don't have much time as a single dad, but maybe you can still manage to find an activity where you can meet women. What about Meetup groups in NY? Maybe there's even something where you can take your kid with you.

Like this:
(just some examples)

I would go for something... show more

Thanks for the follow-up, I did join the largest New York Single Parents Meetup group, mainly for activities my partner used to organize. I'm not having much hope of finding a romantic partner there, because being a single parent isn't a hobby I'd like to share with people, and on its own it really doesn't say much about how well we would connect on a personal level.

The only thing I can be certain of about other single parents in this group is that they won't be afraid of me having a kid, but that's pretty much it.

About the other groups, I wouldn't join a group about a particular activity I wouldn't like to do myself, and jewelry and knitting aren't among my interests. And this is another problem, I don't have a specific interest that would automatically guarantee a base compatibility, aside from some male-dominant things like video games and software programming...

Software programming is probably a good one. Let's be honest, software developers tend to hate everyone who disagrees with them in any way, regardless of sex, age, race, religion, disability, social class, or whatever else. We're a pretty awful bunch of people whose real mastey isn't code, but becoming vile excuses for humans. For bonus points, women get casual sexism thrown in on top.

There may be relatively few female developers, but there next to no developers that count as men. They're male dominated, and man free. If you can be a man, you'll be the only one there.

#NYC etiquette question: Thumping your ceiling because your upstairs neigbors' kid for once is crying at 8:30AM is


Valentine's Day NYC DDP!

Fellow New-Yorkers, if you don't have plans for Valentine's Day, join us for a Decentralzed Dance Party. It's a roaming party comprising a DJ with aportable FM transmitter and hundreds of boomboxes. No alcohol, just simple clean fun.

Since it moves through the city, please come at the start in Washington Square Park at 7:30 PM on Tuesday, February 14th 2017.

More info:

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I'm going to see @sts9 at @terminal5 on November 12th in #NYC, anyone interested?

Brushed past an old lady on the sidewalk, said sorry. She stopped and scribbled something in a notebook. I hope it wasn't a Death Note. #NYC
Ha ha, hope not! Meybe she was just recording the people that said sorry to her when brushing past her? 😅