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At @lightone 's request, I wrote a blurb about what it would take to protect user's private data from their node admin on a decentralized social network node. I use #Friendica as a reference (extending this Friendica GitHub issue about encrypting data at rest), but this applies to #Mastodon, #Diaspora and #Hubzilla as well.

Let me know what you think about it. #cryptography #decentralization #socialnetworking

The issue, in my common user opinion, is not the easiness (or otherwise) of self-hosting. Not all people have administrator skills. Not all people wish to spend time on it. For some it's easier to grasp the idea that one should donate a little for using a friend's server rather than everyone should learn to self-host. Not all people have friends administrators. So there is no easy workaround solution to avoid large servers with thousands of users. And there is no way to force better distribution.

In case the initial approach does not assume same experience for all users across federation (what M. Marlinspike said is impossible), if direct messages protection were available only in a certain native desktop client, it could be the choice of a user to degrade convenience for the sake of privacy. As for user experience, judging by Protonmail example, probably, there are ways. Although the decision to decrypt in the browser may be debatable.

I started working on a self hosted solution that keeps all the software that handles cleartext content on the user’s machine, and used free services for moving content and notifications. The idea was to use a public folder on a store like Dropbox, Google Drive, etc to store all of your encrypted content (posts, comments, etc), and a dedicated, free email account like Gmail for sending and receiving notifications, all driven by an app on your mobile device, which would orchestrate assembling a coherent view of everyone’s content without placing the burden of running a server, TLS, etc. on the user. It’s viable, but it’s not web-based, not that that matters much these days.


🌟 Federated image sharing platform Pixelfed

reached beta stage. It supports ActivityPub protocol and intends to replace proprietary Instagram service. You can get the latest news about the project by following @pixelfed. Two other similar projects in development
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Filtered word: nsfw

People tag political opinions as "sensitive"? What times we live in.

Filtered word: nsfw

Remember you can follow me on #Mastodon with the following address:

Someone on #Twitter asked me if there was a cross-posting solution with #Mastodon and I only knew about uni-directional IFTTT.

However, here's Crossposter by @renatolond.
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Today marks the first anniversary of #Mastodon! Head over to and join the party! 🎂🐘

Attention Required! | Cloudflare

Attention Required! | Cloudflare
Are they really on Cloudflare server? OMG!

Yep, my IP has been blacklisted because apparently my Debian server would be infected with a Windows Trojan 😑

I had a similar experience running CentOS in a virtual machine, it got reported to IT as being infected with malware\ransomware - false positive.

You run that debian machine at home or on a vps?

@stigatle It's an RPS in a datacenter in France with a dedicated IP.

​Check Point's bogus Windows Subsystem for Linux attack | ZDNet

​Check Point's bogus Windows Subsystem for Linux attack | ZDNet

@kat The info page on the blocklist website mentioned the "nymaim" trojan also known as "Gamarue" but thanks for the heads-up!


[Test]Can anyone on #Mastodon please reply to this thread so that I can test if you see my replies to your replies? Thanks!


Ding, ding, ding!

I'm proud to announce that I'm at this point on the #Fediverse where I've been getting so much interesting content from my european contacts that I've been under the impression that the Mastodon communication was broken just because my US contacts' content would be buried way too far in my timeline for me to notice.

Keep it going, folks, it's all good!

#Friendica #Diaspora #Mastodon #GNUSocial
It definitely does, I was just flooded with european content!


Server blocklist feature added to Friendica


following numerous reports about contact request spam from #Mastodon instance and, we quickly mobilized to create a server blocklist for #Friendica admins.

It is available on the develop branch as of today, can everyone please test and report back if it works?

Thanks to everybody involved, the reporters as well as developers who made this job incredibly easy for me.
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Testing it - thank you very much. I'm excited :-)

#Test top-level post for npze.

Please reply to test #Mastodon - #Friendica communication.

Thanks guys, it only was for @npze but I wasn't supposed to mention him.

@hypolite JUST appeared in my federated timeline, timestamped 4 days ago!

@cassolotl I can't figure if you're following me, is it a boosted post?

#Test top-level post for @npze

Please reply to test #Mastodon - #Friendica communication.
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@hypolite hello there! Can you make another post without mentioning me ?

@npze Sure, did you receive this reply?


GNU Social isn't for me

To replace Facebook in my life, I self-hosted an instance of Diaspora then Friendica (from where I'm writing right now), and I thought I could self-host a GNU Social instance to better communicate with Mastodon accounts.

However, I quickly realized that I wouldn't be able to use it for a simple reason: my timeline was filled with replies to conversations I wasn't a part of. The ratio signal/noise is then extremely low. I've been told it's a feature of the OStatus protocol, which means it won't get fixed anytime soon.

At Friendica we support OStatus but we mitigate the clutter by threading conversations and trying to ignore replies that don't concern us. It doesn't work completely reliably, but for me it already is heaps better than the constant chatter I couldn't make sense of in GNU Social.

#federation #friendica #gnusocial #mastodon

I'll touch them if needed, thx for the remind ;)

It has its quirks, but hosting is easy and it allows to carry over connections with Mastodon, Diaspora, GNU Social, Hubzilla, even Twitter accounts.

I don't know about the future of #Mastodon, but I sure am glad about the diversity in instance domain names instead of shortened boring .com
Not only the fact of mastodon, but clearly new people on !fediverse make me happy :)

Between new users' confusion, tech reporters' cluelessness and GNU Social admins' bitterness, I hope someone is enjoying #Mastodon today.

Anyone on #Mastodon can toot me a Content Warning, please? I'm trying to get them to work on #Friendica. Thanks! #Test #Federation

So, friendica work with mastodon ? I think a plugin will be required for Hubzilla. hmm

You can enable OStatus compatibility in two simple commands:

$> rm -rf hubzilla/
$> git clone hubzilla

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Bad idea - configuration will be lost. Just prepend this commands list with:

cp hubzilla/.htconfig.php ..

...and then convert to Friendica's format. And you'll be fine (kinda) :).

I knew it needed a third step, I couldn't figure out which! 😂

Actually there is four steps :D

One should be able to post to Mastadon from Hubzilla with the gnusoc addon, and import the posts of those they wish to read by adding them as an RSS feed.

I've been reacting a lot to bad takes about #Mastodon. I would almost prefer not to care not to see how many people are wrong about it.

There was a small but consistent community of queer people fleeing harassment on Twitter, and the recent surge coincides with the latest changes in Twitter's UI, namely the removal of the actual mentions in tweets which made the threads confusing. Also in this upgrade, there was a big middle finger to everyone who has been harassed by newly created accounts with the default profile image when they decided to tackle the problem by changing the default profile image.

We're keeping the old API. We're adding an activity streams API in addition to the one we have now.

C'est vrai, et c'était aussi vrai sur Twitter, Facebook & co. Je suis satisfait que cette question fasse surface avec la popularité de Mastodon.

Petite précision sur #Mastodon: l'admin de votre instance a accès à tous vos toots, même privés (gmail a accès à tous vos mails, twitter à tous vos tweets...) So beware who you trust and what you post.

Too bad I don't grok Ruby or Rails or I would have set up a #Mastodon instance. That's also what made me shut down my #Diaspora instance.
Qu'est-ce que c'est ce Mastodon duquel tu écris?

Je ne savais pas que vous écriviez en français ! Mastodon est un récent projet de réseau social décentralisé basé sur OStatus pour fournir une alternative sûre aux minorités harcelées sur Twitter.

Les récents changements impopulaires de Twitter ont fait découvrir Mastodon à des milliers d'internautes anglophones et francophones et j'aurais aimé les rejoindre avec ma propre instance, mais je ne suis pas assez calé avec Ruby on Rails.

J'ai oublié les liens:
- Instance principale:
- Liste d'instances connues: