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@hobbsc That's not a bad idea...but if you're going to spend that much, you may as well go all in for a leisure battery and inverter.

I'm missing all the comments from @hobbsc on my instance ☹️

You could...and that meets the cheap criteria, but by the time you've gone that far, you're pushing the complicated criteria.

This is all a good idea because it's cheap and it's easy. I like that it's green too, but to paraphrase Sean Lock, I'm cleaning my yogurt pots out with a toothbrush while America is is drilling Alaska.

So every time your phone's battery is low, it sends a tweet. But beware, they are treacherous, those phones, at some point he might start tweeting cat memes, on your behalf :D

Oh no, it's worse than that. I'm triggered by people's screenshots on Twitter where the battery is low, and then I quote them under this account. It's not my device, I'm getting nervous at 25%.