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The Lazy Admin Club
The Lazy Admin Club forum is now active for all generic server admin tech talk. It's a place to seek advice, offer tips, swap ideas, or just chat about latest developments. Topics can include Linux commands, shell scripting, hardware, monitoring, web servers, mail servers, DNS, security, reverse proxies, load balancing, databases, caching, performance tuning... the list is endless.

And just to clarify - this forum is not specific to Friendica server admins! And it does not assume any skill level - novices are just as welcome as experts.

@The Lazy Admin Club

PS... I'm not happy at all with the colour scheme or the avatar so I'm open to suggestions :)

#linux, #server, #apache, #nginx, #serveradmin
There used to be a @Lazy Admin forum but the node it’s hosted on isn’t active anymore.

The Matrix glitching. @linknyc
#linux #linknyc #computer

is that systemd ???

It doesn't show on the picture, however it looks like Android.

They should have a deamon running that pings home and in such condition doesn't and also they should have put boot logo that hides the problem.

Well I'd implement it in a way that allows to see how many times it is missing. On the other hand there is already a couple of monitoring tools that can do this, so just install one of them.


GoAccess: An amazing Apache log viewer

GoAccess – Apache log statistics
»GoAccess is an open source real-time web log analyzer and interactive viewer that runs in a terminal in *nix systems or through your browser.«

Wait a minute. Through your browser? I know GoAccess as command line tool for analyzing Apache's log files. And I like it. Let's see...

GoAccess can be installed on Debian system
... show more

all kind of tuning of friendica, knowledge sharing

I believe it can be done in the Github Wiki, then ported in the help pages if there's enough material.