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At @lightone 's request, I wrote a blurb about what it would take to protect user's private data from their node admin on a decentralized social network node. I use #Friendica as a reference (extending this Friendica GitHub issue about encrypting data at rest), but this applies to #Mastodon, #Diaspora and #Hubzilla as well.

Let me know what you think about it. #cryptography #decentralization #socialnetworking

The issue, in my common user opinion, is not the easiness (or otherwise) of self-hosting. Not all people have administrator skills. Not all people wish to spend time on it. For some it's easier to grasp the idea that one should donate a little for using a friend's server rather than everyone should learn to self-host. Not all people have friends administrators. So there is no easy workaround solution to avoid large servers with thousands of users. And there is no way to force better distribution.

In case the initial approach does not assume same experience for all users across federation (what M. Marlinspike said is impossible), if direct messages protection were available only in a certain native desktop client, it could be the choice of a user to degrade convenience for the sake of privacy. As for user experience, judging by Protonmail example, probably, there are ways. Although the decision to decrypt in the browser may be debatable.

I started working on a self hosted solution that keeps all the software that handles cleartext content on the user’s machine, and used free services for moving content and notifications. The idea was to use a public folder on a store like Dropbox, Google Drive, etc to store all of your encrypted content (posts, comments, etc), and a dedicated, free email account like Gmail for sending and receiving notifications, all driven by an app on your mobile device, which would orchestrate assembling a coherent view of everyone’s content without placing the burden of running a server, TLS, etc. on the user. It’s viable, but it’s not web-based, not that that matters much these days.


🌟 Federated image sharing platform Pixelfed

reached beta stage. It supports ActivityPub protocol and intends to replace proprietary Instagram service. You can get the latest news about the project by following @pixelfed. Two other similar projects in development
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With 6 open pull requests against #Friendica on #GitHub, I'm calling it a night. I want to keep on going with a couple of tasks, but my server currently is a mess of manually updated files for testing all the different branches. #WebDevLife
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Dammit, and I just moved to Flickr. Back to square one, I suppose.

I’m now looking for an iOS app with the same picture editing features as Instagram without any upload capabilities, I’ll post them myself on #Friendica.
Is Snapseed on iOS? It's Google owned, but you have the option to save locally and not sync if you don't want.

Interesting, I didn't know it existed. It is available on the Apple App Store.

No opt-out possible to avoid feeding yet more data to the beast. I'll pass, thanks for the suggestion though!

Yeah, that's why I mentioned it was owned by Google. It's funny when users have to do companies' disclosure work for them. :)

I'm now ready to pay for a photo editing app on iOS for it not to send data to undisclosed third-party. Open-source is a plus.

Announcing the Friendica #newhere Forum! Also, other good forums!
In an effort to provide a bigger "welcoming committee" to new users on Friendica, we have created the Newhere Forum at ! We hope all users new and mature with Friendica will join and help with welcoming new users and answering all the questions new people will have that may not apply to general Friendica support.

Join us today!

Want to follow Friendica news? Follow the Friendica News Forum: @Friendica News

Need more technical community support (server/node questions, site administration/navigation, or other technical questions)? Follow the Friendica Support Forum: @Friendica Support

#newhere #friendica #support #welcome #questionsanswered #greetings #neuhier #nouveauici #nuevoaqui #nuovoqui

I’ve completed a cool niche feature for #Friendica but I can’t submit it until I’ve written extensive documentation for it, ugh.
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Why are this > 1,000 files?

Hum, dependencies that can't be offloaded to composer install since it's in an addon?

But mostly two entire Javascript projects even though we only are using a single distribution minified file.

Okay. I will have a look at it when I'm less tired.


That feeling when you're on your lunch break, but can't logon to your server to check out the latest cool-cat feature PR...

silex and symphony are enourmous frameworks

(though re symphony I guess some components could be used separately)

What do you think about Slim, the framework I actually used? And yes, I used a Symfony Component separately. No way I was importing the whole Symfony framework.

What is now the feature?

I think the feature is just the announcement .. maybe an announcement feature? ;)

Small niche, nothing anybody is going to use Add advancedcontentfilter addon.

The advanced content filter matches each post that is about to be displayed against each enabled rule you set.

A rule is a boolean expression that should return either `true` or `false` depending on post variables.

If the expression using a post variables returns `true`, the post will be collapsed and the matching rule name will be displayed above the collapsed content.

A post will be collapsed if at least one rule matches, but all matching rule names will be displayed above the collapsed content.

nothing anybody is going to use


I hope that there will be a good documentation.


Ooops, did I really said that?

Just have a look into the PR


Filtered word: nsfw

People tag political opinions as "sensitive"? What times we live in.

Filtered word: nsfw

In the #DeleteFacebook spirit, I'm looking for an #Instagram replacement. I'm using the following features:
  • Basic lighting filter and tilt shift
  • Multi-picture layouts
  • Follow and like
  • API to crosspost on #Friendica, either by RSS or IFTTT trigger
  • iOS app
Thank you for your suggestions!

@🐰yp🥚li✝️e Pet🥚van maybe ? there servers where can register an account.

Thanks for the suggestion, what about iOS mobile app?

I settled on Flickr, it has an RSS feed of pictures and an iOS app, I'm not thrilled to be back into the Yahoo fold, but I might as well spread my eggs in multiple giant corporate baskets.

#Friendica version 3.6 has released! This is the biggest update so far in Friendica's history in term of code changes, with a nice string of new features and years-old bugs fixed! @FriendicaNews


But you were willing to give up control of your privacy to get in touch with me, a stranger. I'm not sure what kind of point you're trying to make but it really doesn't come through.

My testing is concluded and I will publish the results. Diaspora does not get high marks and there is certainly no reason to keep this account any longer. I already removed my Friendica account, as the privacy and usability were both exceptionally poor. Both networks make the claim that "you are in control of your privacy" but neither offers any mechanisms to assert this control. Best of luck with your development work. I will re-evaluate Friendica after the pending release, but a number of developers have been openly jubilant about a weakening of the default network privacy. This does not give me very much optimism.

We released today, what “weakening of the default network privacy” are you talking about?

A Facebook recruiter reached out to me personally on LinkedIn. Tough luck, 18 months ago I might have considered an offer. Since then I have been locked out of my FB account, I discovered #Friendica and Trump got elected thanks in part to inflammatory news virality. 🙅‍♂️

"Over the past twelve months, 32 developers contributed new code to #Friendica. This is one of the largest open-source teams in the world, and is in the top 2% of all project teams on Open Hub."

Thanks @Jason Robinson 🐍, sometimes I'm so focused on my own work I forget about all the other people involved but the most active. This is a nice reminder.

After this week-end during which I banged hard on my production #Friendica instance, I would like to commend its resilience as I don't seem to have missed any post, comment or notification even as my instance was often unavailable for minutes at a time.



Happy New Year Friendica!

On this new year celebration, I'd like to tout our own horn here at #Friendica and reflect on the impressive amount of work that went into improving the software on all fronts.

This year, we:
  • Added support for Unicode emojis 🎉.
  • Added Mastodon to the long list of protocols/networks we support 🐘.
  • Moved and improved the main directory at 📇.
  • Improved or added Russian, Italian, British, Portuguese, Spanish, German and Chinese translations 🇺🇳.
  • Defined coding standards for the project and made numerous files compliant.
  • Added Composer support and moved some third-party libraries to the vendor/ folder and some global includes to the src/ folder where they are now auto-loaded.
  • Added sev
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I wish all federated network developers provided such sweet short overviews of their progress... every month, ideally :D
Would make my hunting for news so much easier.

Happy spreading, Friendica! 👣


More about Twitter's toxicity

It's now been about two months since I deleted the Twitter app from my mobile phone, and I've already written about Twitter's toxicity, but something struck me again recently.

On no other social network I've ever been on people hate-retweet so much than on #Twitter. Not even on #Facebook. Hate-retweeting is the act of mentioning someone else's tweet to comment on how bad you think the tweet, the opinion expressed or the person is to you. I don't exactly understand why people on Twitter feel the need of doing that more than on any other platforms, but I have a few hunches:
  • Twitter is hugely popular and mostly public. Many famous
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Indeed, I got called out once for actually mentioning someone who was evidently the target of such a sub-tweet. I don't think jargon is specific to Twitter, but the extent to which it is negative (sub-tweet, hate-retweet, meltdown, hot/nuclear take, ratioed, ...) certainly is.


Friendica makes its debut in Argentina!

Say hi to @Fabián Bonetti !
#friendica #argentina #welcome
Hola, Fabián!
Welcome aboard.
Let it be the first of many Argentinian Friendica instances.


The community is small but dedicated, mainly thanks to @Michael Vogel and @Tobias

I would like to give a big shout out to @Tobias for making the Language Filter plugin based off the PEAR library Text_LanguageDetect.

After fiddling with the settings, I now have a timeline more readable than ever, especially since most #Friendica maintainers are mainly speaking and writing in german while I don't.

Here are my winning settings:
  • Minimum confidence in language detection: 23
  • Minimum length of message body: 100

O podría mejorar mi español.

Assurément ! Comme on dit en France, c'est en forgeant que l'on devient forgeron!