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"Over the past twelve months, 32 developers contributed new code to #Friendica. This is one of the largest open-source teams in the world, and is in the top 2% of all project teams on Open Hub."

Thanks @Jason Robinson 🐍, sometimes I'm so focused on my own work I forget about all the other people involved but the most active. This is a nice reminder.

After this week-end during which I banged hard on my production #Friendica instance, I would like to commend its resilience as I don't seem to have missed any post, comment or notification even as my instance was often unavailable for minutes at a time.



Happy New Year Friendica!

On this new year celebration, I'd like to tout our own horn here at #Friendica and reflect on the impressive amount of work that went into improving the software on all fronts.

This year, we:
  • Added support for Unicode emojis 🎉.
  • Added Mastodon to the long list of protocols/networks we support 🐘.
  • Moved and improved the main directory at 📇.
  • Improved or added Russian, Italian, British, Portuguese, Spanish, German and Chinese translations 🇺🇳.
  • Defined coding standards for the project and made numerous files compliant.
  • Added Composer support and moved some third-party libraries to the vendor/ folder and some global includes to the src/ folder where they are now auto-loaded.
  • Added sev
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I wish all federated network developers provided such sweet short overviews of their progress... every month, ideally :D
Would make my hunting for news so much easier.

Happy spreading, Friendica! 👣


More about Twitter's toxicity

It's now been about two months since I deleted the Twitter app from my mobile phone, and I've already written about Twitter's toxicity, but something struck me again recently.

On no other social network I've ever been on people hate-retweet so much than on #Twitter. Not even on #Facebook. Hate-retweeting is the act of mentioning someone else's tweet to comment on how bad you think the tweet, the opinion expressed or the person is to you. I don't exactly understand why people on Twitter feel the need of doing that more than on any other platforms, but I have a few hunches:
  • Twitter is hugely popular and mostly public. Many famous
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Indeed, I got called out once for actually mentioning someone who was evidently the target of such a sub-tweet. I don't think jargon is specific to Twitter, but the extent to which it is negative (sub-tweet, hate-retweet, meltdown, hot/nuclear take, ratioed, ...) certainly is.


Friendica makes its debut in Argentina!

Say hi to @Fabián Bonetti !
#friendica #argentina #welcome
Hola, Fabián!
Welcome aboard.
Let it be the first of many Argentinian Friendica instances.

Dear Federation we are pleased to announce the availability of #Friendica version 3.5.3

The community is small but dedicated, mainly thanks to @Michael Vogel and @Tobias

I would like to give a big shout out to @Tobias for making the Language Filter plugin based off the PEAR library Text_LanguageDetect.

After fiddling with the settings, I now have a timeline more readable than ever, especially since most #Friendica maintainers are mainly speaking and writing in german while I don't.

Here are my winning settings:
  • Minimum confidence in language detection: 23
  • Minimum length of message body: 100

O podría mejorar mi español.

Assurément ! Comme on dit en France, c'est en forgeant que l'on devient forgeron!

Anyone knows @Steve Dowe personally? His #Friendica instance is flooding with the same 5 posts at a few minutes intervals and I'd very much like it to stop, but he doesn't seem to be available through Friendica.
No, but I wrote a private message to him because he is flooding my network/community stream. :-)
I have blocked the server now until the problem is solved.
Maybe he has a mail address on his blog...

Thanks, duplicate postings seem to have stopped.

Need more then 280 characters per posting. One tweet will fit a thousand times into a posting on #Friendica


Friendica Directory restored

Thanks for your patience, the #Friendica #Directory is available again. Thanks to @Montag for its vigilance!
Thank you for spend your time.


Friendica Directory under maintenance

The #Friendica #Directory will be unavailable for a few hours until I figure out why it's not displaying any results, per's report.

Sorry for the inconvience and thank you for your understanding.

Friendica Directory
Hello @Friendica Support,

the friendica directory at shows nothing, it looks empty. #friendica #directory #bug


Call for testers

Hi #Friendica #Admins,

We just rolled out a big change on develop and I've had a single report of critical failure with it, although it works on my Debian Jessie PHP 5.6 server, can anyone else confirm, especially on PHP 7 that I can't test yet?
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solved :-) THX! :like

Testing with PHP 7.0.15 and MySQL 5.7.18 :-)


Ding, ding, ding!

I'm proud to announce that I'm at this point on the #Fediverse where I've been getting so much interesting content from my european contacts that I've been under the impression that the Mastodon communication was broken just because my US contacts' content would be buried way too far in my timeline for me to notice.

Keep it going, folks, it's all good!

#Friendica #Diaspora #Mastodon #GNUSocial
It definitely does, I was just flooded with european content!


Friendica Directory Redesign Preview

I spent the last month on and off finishing the design prototype of Friendica Directory that @Beanow almost brought to its end, and it finally is in a state where I'm not ashamed of showing it.

Here it is:

This instance is showing actual data, please try to mess with the display and the controls, it is brand new and probably unpolished at the edges.

Please submit any and all bugs/suggestions here:

Once all the loose ends will have been tied, I'll proceed with the merge to the master branch and the update of the Friendica Main Directory at

Thanks for your time!

#Friendica #Directory #Design #UI #IHateQA

The actual page listing all the forums is, not all the links are relevant yet.

The 3 forums you are seeing are just "Random groups".

Please try to update each profile of the missing account on the directory to see if they are correctly submitted again.

I did... with no effect...

Dangit, I'll have to look into it more closely then.


Server blocklist feature added to Friendica


following numerous reports about contact request spam from #Mastodon instance and, we quickly mobilized to create a server blocklist for #Friendica admins.

It is available on the develop branch as of today, can everyone please test and report back if it works?

Thanks to everybody involved, the reporters as well as developers who made this job incredibly easy for me.
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Testing it - thank you very much. I'm excited :-)

#Test top-level post for npze.

Please reply to test #Mastodon - #Friendica communication.

Thanks guys, it only was for @npze but I wasn't supposed to mention him.

@hypolite JUST appeared in my federated timeline, timestamped 4 days ago!

@cassolotl I can't figure if you're following me, is it a boosted post?

#Test top-level post for @npze

Please reply to test #Mastodon - #Friendica communication.
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@hypolite hello there! Can you make another post without mentioning me ?

@npze Sure, did you receive this reply?


GNU Social isn't for me

To replace Facebook in my life, I self-hosted an instance of Diaspora then Friendica (from where I'm writing right now), and I thought I could self-host a GNU Social instance to better communicate with Mastodon accounts.

However, I quickly realized that I wouldn't be able to use it for a simple reason: my timeline was filled with replies to conversations I wasn't a part of. The ratio signal/noise is then extremely low. I've been told it's a feature of the OStatus protocol, which means it won't get fixed anytime soon.

At Friendica we support OStatus but we mitigate the clutter by threading conversations and trying to ignore replies that don't concern us. It doesn't work completely reliably, but for me it already is heaps better than the constant chatter I couldn't make sense of in GNU Social.

#federation #friendica #gnusocial #mastodon

@Friendica France or @Friendica Support are there to help!

I'll touch them if needed, thx for the remind ;)


Friendica Directory dustup

Tonight I spent a few hours getting #Friendica #Directory repository back in order. It included merging work from @Beanow, @Hauke Altmann and @Roland Häder into a coherent branch that soon will be merged to master, once the main page will have been turned from the current theme to the new theme thanks to Beanow.

I did a lot of bug-chasing to fix all the lingering PHP notices, standard enforcing and formatting, as well as fixing a long-standing issue when looking for American accounts. Unfortunately, the fix requires to increase the server setting of minimum word length MySQL is indexing in its fulltext index. But at least it works now on dir.friendica.socal.

All this to honor a promise I made to Beanow who came forward to transfer his directory maintainer duties. Thanks to all the contributors as well!

@Friendica Developers @Friendica Support