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Moving away from Twitter

Last Friday, I chose to honor the movement #WomenBoycottTwitter for a full day, not because I'm a woman, but because I've noticed browsing Twitter specifically puts me in a bad mood. This started a bout a year ago with the fateful election of Donald Trump to President of the United States of America and it slowly grew worse over time.

On the same platform, I blocked 3,920 accounts promoting tweets and muted 97 accounts I deemed uninteresting, numbers I would be hard pressed to match on the #Fediverse / #Federation. As long as I was otherwise enjoying the service I didn't mind too much, but now it just looks silly.

However, I have contacts I only have through Twitter, and I'm not ready to completely sever all my ties with them. As a temporary solution, I've enable... show more
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I was initially saying that I would be boycotting Twitter today to honor #WomenBoycottTwitter, but I'm available as usual through other social networks.


GNU Social isn't for me

To replace Facebook in my life, I self-hosted an instance of Diaspora then Friendica (from where I'm writing right now), and I thought I could self-host a GNU Social instance to better communicate with Mastodon accounts.

However, I quickly realized that I wouldn't be able to use it for a simple reason: my timeline was filled with replies to conversations I wasn't a part of. The ratio signal/noise is then extremely low. I've been told it's a feature of the OStatus protocol, which means it won't get fixed anytime soon.

At Friendica we support OStatus but we mitigate the clutter by threading conversations and trying to ignore replies that don't concern us. It doesn't work completely reliably, but for me it already is heaps better than the constant chatter I couldn't make sense of in GNU Social.

#federation #friendica #gnusocial #mastodon

I'll touch them if needed, thx for the remind ;)

It has its quirks, but hosting is easy and it allows to carry over connections with Mastodon, Diaspora, GNU Social, Hubzilla, even Twitter accounts.

Anyone on #Mastodon can toot me a Content Warning, please? I'm trying to get them to work on #Friendica. Thanks! #Test #Federation

So, friendica work with mastodon ? I think a plugin will be required for Hubzilla. hmm

You can enable OStatus compatibility in two simple commands:

$> rm -rf hubzilla/
$> git clone hubzilla

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Bad idea - configuration will be lost. Just prepend this commands list with:

cp hubzilla/.htconfig.php ..

...and then convert to Friendica's format. And you'll be fine (kinda) :).

I knew it needed a third step, I couldn't figure out which! 😂

Actually there is four steps :D

One should be able to post to Mastadon from Hubzilla with the gnusoc addon, and import the posts of those they wish to read by adding them as an RSS feed.