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Friendica Directory restored

Thanks for your patience, the #Friendica #Directory is available again. Thanks to @Montag for its vigilance!


Friendica Directory under maintenance

The #Friendica #Directory will be unavailable for a few hours until I figure out why it's not displaying any results, per's report.

Sorry for the inconvience and thank you for your understanding.

Friendica Directory
Hello @Friendica Support,

the friendica directory at shows nothing, it looks empty. #friendica #directory #bug


Friendica Directory Redesign Preview

I spent the last month on and off finishing the design prototype of Friendica Directory that @Beanow almost brought to its end, and it finally is in a state where I'm not ashamed of showing it.

Here it is:

This instance is showing actual data, please try to mess with the display and the controls, it is brand new and probably unpolished at the edges.

Please submit any and all bugs/suggestions here:

Once all the loose ends will have been tied, I'll proceed with the merge to the master branch and the update of the Friendica Main Directory at

Thanks for your time!

#Friendica #Directory #Design #UI #IHateQA

The actual page listing all the forums is, not all the links are relevant yet.

The 3 forums you are seeing are just "Random groups".

Please try to update each profile of the missing account on the directory to see if they are correctly submitted again.

I did... with no effect...

Dangit, I'll have to look into it more closely then.


Friendica Directory dustup

Tonight I spent a few hours getting #Friendica #Directory repository back in order. It included merging work from @Beanow, @Hauke Altmann and @Roland Häder into a coherent branch that soon will be merged to master, once the main page will have been turned from the current theme to the new theme thanks to Beanow.

I did a lot of bug-chasing to fix all the lingering PHP notices, standard enforcing and formatting, as well as fixing a long-standing issue when looking for American accounts. Unfortunately, the fix requires to increase the server setting of minimum word length MySQL is indexing in its fulltext index. But at least it works now on dir.friendica.socal.

All this to honor a promise I made to Beanow who came forward to transfer his directory maintainer duties. Thanks to all the contributors as well!

@Friendica Developers @Friendica Support