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The Paradox of Tolerance

By philosopher Karl Popper

Comic transcribed below

Should a tolerant society tolerate intolerance?
Man carrying torch with swastika tattoo on forehead: "You want more tolerance? Respect my ideas!
The answer is NO.

It's a paradox, but unlimited tolerance can lead to the extinction of tolerance.

When we extend tolerance to those who are openly intolerant... ...the tolerant ones end up being destroyed. and tolerance with them.

Old man in pre-WWII German uniform with Hitler and Nazi imagery beside: "Let's give them a chance!"

Any movement that preaches intolerance and persecution must be outside the law.

As paradoxical as it may seem, defending tolerance... ...requires to not tolerate the intolerant.

Source: The Open Society and its Enemies, Karl R. Popper

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Ding, ding, ding!

I'm proud to announce that I'm at this point on the #Fediverse where I've been getting so much interesting content from my european contacts that I've been under the impression that the Mastodon communication was broken just because my US contacts' content would be buried way too far in my timeline for me to notice.

Keep it going, folks, it's all good!

#Friendica #Diaspora #Mastodon #GNUSocial
It definitely does, I was just flooded with european content!

Too bad I don't grok Ruby or Rails or I would have set up a #Mastodon instance. That's also what made me shut down my #Diaspora instance.
Qu'est-ce que c'est ce Mastodon duquel tu écris?

Je ne savais pas que vous écriviez en français ! Mastodon est un récent projet de réseau social décentralisé basé sur OStatus pour fournir une alternative sûre aux minorités harcelées sur Twitter.

Les récents changements impopulaires de Twitter ont fait découvrir Mastodon à des milliers d'internautes anglophones et francophones et j'aurais aimé les rejoindre avec ma propre instance, mais je ne suis pas assez calé avec Ruby on Rails.

J'ai oublié les liens:
- Instance principale:
- Liste d'instances connues:

I finally settled in the #TheFederation decentralized social network multiverse cc @FriendicaNews

Mrpetovan: There can be only one

Today I finally shut down my #Diaspora pod and my #Hubzilla server. Diaspora* is built on a stack that is completely foreign to me, which prevents me from un...

It’s been like buying a random closet at Ikea and find out that it leads to Narnia.

:D Glad you find your way. I personally stay on diaspora* :)

Diaspora* is very good, I was just frustrated I couldn't be more involved since I don't have any meaningful experience with Ruby, Rails and the DevOps stack.

You could rename your profile now ("Hypolite on Friendica") ;) Unless you've done that and federation is just buggy and my pod didn't get the change...

This is a good idea, it briefly passed my mind yesterday but I forgot about it.

@Jason Robinson I'll keep the Friendica logo to show my allegiance, for once.


There can be only one

Today I finally shut down my #Diaspora pod and my #Hubzilla server. Diaspora* is built on a stack that is completely foreign to me, which prevents me from understanding what is going on or making any meaningful open-source contributions. I wanted to send a last Diaspora* status to announce the shutdown, but due to a recent tightening in my server's file permissions I did, no CSS nor JS files were loading, and I had no idea why.

Hubzilla on the contrary is built on a very familiar PHP stack, but the philosophy of the project is bigger than my needs, which means that I was utterly confused when I tried to set up my profile.

So, in terms of decentralized social media, #Friendica it is for me. Its core development team is little but active, I can contribute meaningful improvements and the project scope is slightly larger than Diaspora while remaining manageable for me.

I still feel slightly isolated as a US-based user, and in the future I'd like that we find a way to allow more network traversal to find and interact with public posts, contacts of contacts, and such.

This interaction with public posts is totally the same thing that I want to achieve. I would like to have all the benefits that Diaspora has got in this direction. Maybe with the 3.5.2 I can do some more preparations for this.


XMPP integration existential questions

How many of you use XMPP regularly?
How many of you use it inside Friendica/Diaspora/Hubzilla?

I already tried to set up a Prosody server with Diaspora* and later use the Jappix addon with Friendica, neither to any avail.

Should I persist in that path?

#xmpp #integration #diaspora #help #friendica
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Thanks for all your replies!

A little more context: I'm not the chatty type, but since I've been forced out of Facebook, I'm kind of missing Facebook Messenger's ease of use. I don't think I'm a complete IT noob, but I still couldn't manage to get a Prosody server running and the damn BOSH feature working in a timely manner, which made me drop XMPP entirely. But the itch is back, and I'm really wondering if I should invest more time, reach out to people to help me, etc...
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In the 3.5.1 I added the exchange of the XMPP address of the users. In a further step we could add the possibility to auto add this to the XMPP account of the users.


I'm in the middle of translating something... So...

Yandex wants to convince me that #diaspora is Tumblr.

Nice try.

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