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If the bill passes Senate, women will have yet another reason not to report rape/sexual assault/domestic violence. #AHCA
Your comment doesn't feel related to the original post.

It should be a good news, but it really isn't: 1/ The exemption actually existed before being axed. 2/ Yet more people at risk. #AHCA

Re: #AHCA, House actually stripped the pre-existing condition exemption for Congress member and staff unanimously

Dear ICE, please don't use this tweet to send my family back to France until September, we paid daycare for the full year.

To be fair, in 2012 it looked better in the US than in France, but the truth is that it's crappy everywhere for vulnerable people, I just didn't know enough about it.

Canada just kicked out our idiotic wanna-be fascist - and replaced him with a useless prettboy! BUT!

Basically - come to Canada, we have cookies!

We actually considered moving to Montréal last November, but we have such a good situation in Brooklyn that it's hard to take such a decision. For all that talk about shielded coastal elites, we are the perfect example of it.

I was just in Brooklyn last week. Grew up there. What part?

Between Clinton Hill and Bedford-Stuyvesant. Moved a year ago from East Williamsburg.

Between #AHCA and the so-called Religious Freedom Executive Order, I'm regretting more and more moving to the US in 2012.