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Last night I dream that I stole a skateboard (?!) from a riot police barricade in France, got arrested and delivered an impassionate defense speech in court about the meaning of public order in the larger context of income inequality and police violence.

Good morning!

Vive la planche à roulettes révolution!

Did the mafiosi flying drones over FBI officers think they were above the law?

#humor #drone #ACAB

Never. Call. The Police. For Anything. Got it. #ACAB
There are only a few #rap songs I like: "Rob Hustle ft. Bump - Call the Cops"

Apparently it wasn't clear for everyone, let me reiterate that I despise the police and everything it represents. #ACAB


#ACAB, once more.
[bookmark=]#ACAB, once more.


The first accurate "Know Your Rights" poster I've ever seen.


Does a police officer need a reason to pull me over?
Legally, yes, but you can't refuse to pull over just because the officer doesn't have a reason, so in reality, no.

Do I have the right to refuse a search?
Legally, yes, but an officer might just search your care anyway and then say that you consented, so in reality, no.

Does an officer have to have probable cause in order to arrest me?
Legally, yes, but if the officer doesn't have probably cause he might just arrest you anyway, so in reality, no.

Can an officer use deadly force on me even if I pose no threat?
Legally, no, but an officer could just use deadly force on you anyway, so in reality, yes.

Technically you have rights. If knowing them makes you happy, go for it.