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Translations for the 3.6 release
Hey everyone!

If you want to help translating ~friendica ~friendica now is the best time to do so, as we are heading towards the next release
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Teenage me: So, how’s it like to be grown-up?
Grown-up me: Remember the anxiety you feel just before a test that dissipate after you take it?
Teenage me: Sure?
Grown-up me: It’s like this, but all the time, and you don’t know why, and it never dissipates.

until recently each new day was better than the previous one
wow. what was the name of those mushrooms?
// sorry, couldn't resist :p

Cheer up. Free will is an illusion.

Billboard in Times Square claiming over 100 million people dead because of Communism.

Buddy, have I got some news for you about Capitalism...

I have the feeling this game is going to stay on my virtual shelf for a while, but I can't help it, I'm a sucker for Dwarf Fortress-like games and pixel art, anyway I backed Starmancer on @LogicalDash suggestion.

Yes. "Bread and circus!".

Since I have no Google Play, I wish there were more games on F-Droid. Especially the ones where you learn. About geography, history, etc.
I'd be glad to back those.

Yeah, I'm going to miss them when I have to change my phone and I switch to a free OS.

I use Lineage OS and have been playing Shattered Pixel Dungeon for a while now (found it on F-Droid). Doesn't get boring. :)

1,400 years earlier: "Color Idiots Have Irrevocably Damaged Eons-Old Cave In Pangea" (via @Brian Ó 🐟 )
Roland Häder doesn't like this.

If you were still wondering why IT is historically unwelcoming to women.

Getting touched by a woman for money is really not a dream job. But back then 2000 pounds might have been a lot of money though.

Maybe he was the only one to leave the company and the at the very first day at the new place, his wallet (with all his last big paycheck) was stolen. We can clearly see her reach for his pocket there..
Stuart, Stuart.. you should had keep your job..

Although if your product look like this in 2018...

Who voted on the issue of the government form on Mars?

I want a fucking pony.

Beats a military industrial prison complex.....
plus he promised to be a nice narcissist.

Mastodon doing it right. (teehee!)

I've made a deliberate choice against a quoting feature because it inevitably adds toxicity to people's behaviours. You are tempted to quote when you should be replying, and so you speak at your audience instead of with the person you are talking to. It becomes performative. Even when doing it for "good" like ridiculing awful comments, you are giving awful comments more eyeballs that way. No quote toots. Thank's

I've seen it here also. Specially the alt-right people. They reshare posts only to bash them within their circle of like-minded followers.
At the same time, I've noticed reasonable people here on diaspora have a adopted a very practical technique: Ignore the trolls... So far I see it working. Some time ago, with the advent of the alt-right, the trolling and shitposting was becoming an issue... Eventually everyone stopped engaging with the trolls and nowadays they seem to be confined to their own circles.

Indeed, decentralization allows to cut toxic parts of the network, which limits negativity from spreading. However Mastodon has several very large instances where this isn't possible.

this doesn't work on diaspora because there's no quoting, so people reshare the original post instead and add their comments to the reshare - but the original post's author receives notifications for comments to reshares.

This works as well in that optic.

I have now seen derivative work based on Ready Player One and i don't know if I feel boundless amazement or crushing despair.

For the people who don't know Ready Player One yet, it's a toxic and uninspired novel borrowing its plot from Snow Crash and dropping tons of unwarranted 80's pop culture references in every single page. In other words, the epitome of derivative work.

I don't understand how people can create derivative work out of derivative work, but apparently it's possible.


I've seen jokes mocking insensitive behavior from individuals or corporations on #InternationalWomensDay. I'm tempted to say they are worse than the behavior they mock because they still propagate bad behavior examples without criticizing them seriously.

My friend and her female co-founder (just the two of them) run a clothing partnership that only makes #female #clothing with #pockets. I'm sure they would also appreciate a shout-out.

Gargron" target="_blank">@Gargron thanks for supporting #women & #InternationalWomensDay, and for all the hard work you put into MastodonProject" target="_blank">@MastodonProject


I like this image because it shows definite signs of wear, meaning space travel is leaving the realm of science-fiction with its flawless spacecrafts depictions, and entering the realm of nitty-gritty day-to-day banality.

I'm asking myself how the rocket will look like when it had done 10 launches (which they plan to do without much refurbishment with the "block 5")

Why, a little bit of steam and that looks like new.

I assume the shielding is replaceable, as well as the actual engines.

The "block 5" engines are build in a way so that they only need minimal service between two launches, they won't be replaced.

Opening the hull voids the warranty.

If you're chuckling about Amazon devices suddenly laughing, the list of Furby glitches could give you a glimpse of things yet to come for voice-activated virtual assistants.

@Gargron The fact there are three bigger Mastodon instances than might be the best proof you did something right. 👍