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The mystery and melancholy of this lonely tortellini on the subway floor.

Coming back from a wedding, a classmate of my 3-year old daughter said that he was going to marry another girl and not my daughter because they are best friend. I felt relieved because I don’t need a boy including my daughter in his power fantasies anytime soon.

Does anyone have a piece of good news in this awful day?

Woke up this morning.

Some more good news. Pop stars are commenting on geopolitics and the state society in general. It's definitely positive news now.

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Only bla bla, no real thing. Is like saying that these shows called #MrsUniverse and such are going to change anything. They are just nonsense entertainment, nothing more.

Yes no substance. Hardly entertaining by all means.

Yeah, if Kanye could stop commenting on geopolitics and society, that'd be great.

I think the overwhelming consensus has been that listening to Kanye is optional.

Where are the #2A advocates when there’s actual tyranny in the US?

Maybe just maybe we ought to question a society that so completely strip-mined life meaning that dying for a cause is an acceptable life goal.

#MrPetovanThoughts #LifeMeaning #Philosophy

Jesus Christ I thought it was ironic, especially the part about watching the "glorious stream of transactions", but no. What even does it mean to be rich in Bitcoin when you can't spend them on anything?

you are using logic.
logic don't work.
if logic would work we had not to read that.

I am sorry for doing this to you. I was suffering alone.

What is baffling to me is logic not working with computer scientists.

Why would you expect people who work with finite state machines to understand infinite state and unknowables?

Fair point, but they don't seem to understand finite state machines either.

@pixelfed Is the name final? There already is a mobile app studio called Pixel Federation (
@hypolite Yes it is final, I think it is different enough.

The real benefit of GDPR is I get emails reminding me of all the sites I have to delete my account on.

The #blockchain: an ill-understood mechanism that people try to accommodate to everything to make a quick buck, very much like how #radioactive minerals were used in cosmetics and medicine early XXth century:

@hypolite I want to try that toothpaste!

So, I was closer than I thought in my original post? This isn't good news.

"If Jewish people had guns, the Holocaust wouldn't have happened".

I know the argument is bonkers, but I recently thought about Kurdish people, and they are a discriminated minority with guns. Except they are attacked by Turkey, Iraq, Syria and ISIS and their political party is labeled as "terrorist" by NATO, so I don't think Jewish people with guns would have fared any better early 1900s.

#2ABullshit #Holocaust #Kurds

I'm not saying that Kurds are nationalist, in any case it's obvious that the idea of a kurdish state is in the air since Iraq fall apart and ISIS raised it's head together with the Syrian civil war.

No worries, it was a real question, I was confused about why you mentioned nationalism.

This is both naive and said from a privileged position. No rights have been won over with jokes.
I must disagree. It's naive to think that jokes don't matter while each and everyone of us around the world is at least making one joke per day. Jokes matter and are able to change the world. It's just that in history books weapons and explosions appear more likely than famous jokes of that time.

I’m not saying jokes don’t matter, I’m saying they aren’t enough.

In the 1960s, IBM sold computers to business with the slogan "machines should work; people should think."

In 2018, Silicon Valley startups have the mantra: "computers should think; people should work (for pennies)."


Robert E. Emery wrote:

”[...] pain is only one of several deeper, more honest emotions that lie beneath anger. Others include fear, longing, guilt, and grief”

I found this to be important to humanize angry people, especially online. It doesn’t make me automatically agree with angry people, but I acknowledge there can be something deeper motivating their rage/hate.

this comic on the nib today is pretty powerful


Burn everything. Nothing we built deserves to stand. Universities, Prisons, Churches, Statues, Monuments. Everything.

I worked for him before I had a university education (well, I had some linear algebra and differential equations from the junior college under my belt) and he was obviously a fraud and a jerk who abused his employees and forbade anyone from going on vacation or really having families. He would stroll into work at 11:30 having spent the night cavorting with celebrities (this was 2009). [Don't judge -- I was young and impressionable, and anyway, avionics beat the other jobs in the area I'd tried, like maintaining a spreadsheet of a grocery store's inventory and stocking shelves of heirloom tomatoes and $35/lb cheeses.]

I don't think I'm smarter for having gotten a university education* but I still think he's a fraud.

*MIT was full of rich kids talking about all the stuff they could grab -- money and internships or publications and academic awards -- rather than the secrets of the universe in the gym or whatever it is the public thinks "MIT kids" think about (and MIT is better than, say, Harvard or maybe even the University of Michigan at attracting kids with Pell grants o... show more

Elon sat at the intern table at lunch once (his secretary brought him a box from a place called LA Food Show) and was so fucking clueless when we (as we made our peanut butter sandwiches) explained to him what we were working on.


Did the mafiosi flying drones over FBI officers think they were above the law?

#humor #drone #ACAB


This very post reads "Original post deleted by author" on my side.

Hm. Apparently there's a discrepancy between diaspora* and Friendica... >_>

It turns out I was literally screaming into the void on here for the past 4 days due to server issues.

The takeaway: Kids, don't do mysqltuner.

P.S.: I really would like to know the bad settings that you tried.

Those were the faulty settings before I commented out everything:
  1.  # Recommended by mysqltuner on 02-05-2018
  2.  key_buffer_size = 256M
  3.  join_buffer_size = 2M
  4.  tmp_table_size = 128M
  5.  max_heap_table_size = 128M
  7.  max_allowed_packet = 32M
  8.  thread_stack = 192K
  9.  thread_cache_size = 8
  10.  # This replaces the startup script and checks MyISAM tables if needed
  11.  # the first time they are touched
  12.  myisam_recover_options = BACKUP
  14.  max_connections = 300
  15.  wait_timeout = 20
  16.  interactive_timeout = 7200
  18.  table_cache = 64
  19.  thread_concurrency = 10
  21.  #
  22.  # * Query Cache Configuration
  23.  #
  24.  query_cache_limit = 1M
  25.  query_cache_size = 128M

With those I kept getting "Error while sending QUERY packet" messages in my PHP log.

The timeout values are ridiculous low. I'm currently running on:
interactive_timeout = 288000
wait_timeout = 288000

I guess that these low timeout values are responsible for your problems.

But this was suggested by mysqltuner!

This is one of the few times where I really do read a documentation. Before changing critical parameters I like to know the possible impact.

Hence my earlier comment, if you already know what the possible impact is, I feel like you don't really need mysqltuner.

It's more like: "Oh, what is this script suggesting? Let's see what it is and if I want to try it." And some time later: "Nah, not really. There are several blog items about the negative impact."

Ha, I was more like : "I have no idea what I'm doing, surely this script knows better than me.".

I do have this type of customers as well. When your customers have to pay per minute for support, your company can get much money from them :-)

This I would be curious to know too!