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In completely unsurprising news, it turns out the supposed good guys with guns aren’t willing to risk their lives, even when it is supposed to be their job. Why?

Because the shooter had a terrifying gun.

I was told by an American woman this would be funny for french-speaking people.
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don't laugh
in norway we have

en fait ça ne fait sourire que les français
en norvegien Bite = mordre

On lighter news, I will laugh at how absurd my display name is until Easter. Not sure how I am going to ever one-up it.
It's cute! Themed display names will be a default setting from version 3.7 onwards.

👍: A new Humble Bundle!
👎: I already own 6 out of the 10 games in the bundle.

@Gargron Hey, I'm sorry to ask you this, but is @DearMsDear alright? I commissioned an avatar from her in November but didn't hear from her since December, I tried everything (mail, Twitter, Mastodon, PayPal issue resolution).

I was this close from buying an album on a cassette even though I don't have a player, the only thing that stopped me was the shipping cost from Europe.

The mystery and melancholy of a German developer trying to answer to a Russian user on #GitHub, both in approximate English.

Truly not as confusing as some people's names. :-o


The sick sad truth is that most people claiming owning guns to honor the Second Amendment (#2A) would happily join the loyalist militia if the US government went full tyrannical.

As I told someone recently
"Even after the U.S. openly produced and distributed more than enough weapons through out the world to ensure various healthy degrees of underground weapons markets, people debated whether or not punishing others for holding those weapons would help solve the violence from them while the global market was increasingly flooded to tempt violence."

prison and legal industry structures of the U.S. economy obviously favored such debate logics at least.

The interpretation of the Second Amendment has been extended from service in a militia for common purposes to individual self-defence for private purposes. (See e.g. District of Columbia v. Heller, US Supreme Court) It's truly absurd IMO and surely not what the Amendment intended at the time.
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That feeling when you believe people should have guns to resist a hypothetical tyrannical government but they are used to shoot schoolchildren instead.

Just kidding, these people don't have feeling.
@hypolite it's not hypothetical

but i think what you mean is that most people using this line are, in fact, supporters of the tyrannical government. guns for them, but not for the undesirables; the better to continue shooting people they don't like.

That's exactly what I meant, thank you for elaborating.


Two tickets for LEGO Live: $80
Wearing the perfect shirt: Priceless
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Forget the T-shirt, there should be socks with that logo on them.


As a glimpse into my broken mind, here's the content that got me bursting out laughing at work today.
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Criticizing people for using “identity politics” is using identity politics by setting apart universalists from the rest.

I for one am super happy to live in a free country that would sooner ban art and entertainment than it would ban guns to solve gun violence. (via @Vengeur Masqué )
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And the award for world's largest producer AND exporter of weapons goes to........
(hint, doubles as winner for heroin)