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@Gargron Do servers expose a public list of custom emojis? I'm thinking about creating an addon for Friendica that would add Mastodon's custom emojis replacement, and I definitely need a central place where I can see all of them.
All of them for a single server, at least, I know they are per instance.

In #Hubzilla you can see it by adding /smilies to site base URL

Thanks for the tip! Unfortunately I'm not seeing enough custom smilies post from Hubzilla to need an extension for it, but I assume such an extension would be software agnostic.


At this point, I’m only going to my weekly copay-free physical therapy appointment to get to lie down during my workday. I haven’t been in pain for a month now!



“The working class have never yet had a voice in declaring war. If war is right, let it be declared by the people – you, who have your lives to lose.” --Eugene Debs

"The film succeeds on the radically subversive and obvious notions we learned when we were children: that being nice is not a weakness; that speaking with care is a thing we do simply because we believe the person we’re talking to is a human being with worth and dignity. What’s most startling about Won’t You Be My Neighbor, and what makes it feel almost elegiac, is how very jarring that message feels."

Observation: I'm spending too much time scrolling 10 hours of content in the morning.
The Good: A contact of mine pissed me off, easy unfollow, less content to peruse.
The Bad: I'm pissed off now.

c est le week end ?

twf you realize international sanctions are doled out not for moral reasons but because some white billionaires aren’t making enough money out of the offending country.

I just gave £10 and I encourage you to match my donation. It's for a great cause: food.
I write poetry *motions over to the hashtag corvusrobotica* If you want to like, buy me food, I have a paypal

...I like food.
I'll write you a poem for £10

You'll have to pay me to read your poetry.

Summary of my mindset: I care about people in general, rarely in particular.

Sorry, I didn't see you there. I was engrossed in my thoughts.

The most beautiful code I have ever see. It modifies itself to spin a world globe:
Wow. Unbelievable. I'm speechless :-O

For a while I've held the two separate beliefs that #capitalism is harmful and that intellectual property is harmful but I've never connected both until today, when I realized that intellectual property was just another form of rentier capitalism.

#politics #intellectualproperty

The moms of two of my 4-year old daughter’s classmates are out of town for a week and it’s been fun to see the two confused dads take over the school pickup duty:
- This playground is nice, and you come every day? Wow.
- Let’s do a BBQ after school! You’re all invited!


Not really sad, they are discovering a new world! Although one of them said he was counting the days until his wife comes back.

This story takes place in real time.

Join us on open and free social networks for meaningful communication.


Escaping Google's gravity well: personal to-do list

I can't find who shared the Google alternatives page of with me but this is the path I intend to take forward.

I already:
  • deleted my Analytics and AdWords accounts.
  • switched to Qwant for personal search.
  • replaced Chrome with Vivaldi based on Chromium without the Google wrapper.
  • set up a personal NextCloud instance.
I still have to:
  • Move my documents to NextCloud although the web editing tools are lacking.
  • Open an email/calendar account with a different provider (ProtonMail, MailFence?).
  • Delete my Google account entirely.
I probably will open a new bare Google account to use Youtube only because there isn't any alternative for the available content. #Google #Privacy #NextCloud #Qwant #Vivaldi #ProtonMail #MailFence

@Brian Ó 🐟 Google Inbox has automatic bundle grouping (Purchases, Updates, GitHub, ...), which reduces the number of notifications for unread emails and makes personal email stand out.

It also has other nice-to-have features like grouping email for a single travel trip together, extracting flight number and schedule from airline confirmation emails, showing prominent direct links to GitHub, but I wouldn't miss them as much as not getting an alert any time I'm receiving an automatic email.

^Big mistake :DDD

I just gave US$10, please do so if you can as well.
The woodworker who's building our coffee cart recently lost his house, his woodworking tools, and everything inside his house, when their neighbour left their stove on and caused a fire. Titus is from Zim and moved here with his family a while back, working as a general handyman. I set up a crowdfund for him to try to replace his tools and help rebuild his home.

Please share! <3


Filtered word: nsfw

White sox get dirty so fast, on floors...

First picture posted on my @pixelfed instance! Waiting for federation now.

And in French, *FDP* is an insult :-D

No Federation and no RSS feeds yet, I’ll have to share my Pixelfed picture manually for the time being.