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Les paroles de cette chanson sont cruellement appropriées quand des hommes blancs exigent d'une femme noire de crier "Vive la France".
«Nique la France et son passé colonialiste, ses odeurs, ses relents et ses réflexes paternalistes»

Une députée Insoumise défend le droit de dire «Nique la France» et soulève une bronca

Invitée sur RMC, Danielle Obono, nouvelle députée France Insoumise (LFI) de Paris, explique assumer son soutien exprimé au groupe ZEP en 2012, au nom de la liberté d'expression.

New musical obsession: @zirconst

YouTube: zircon - Augment (Complextro / Dubstep / Electro) [Getaway EP] (zirconst)

FOR YOUR CONSIDERATION - 57th Grammys - BEST DANCE RECORDING GET THE ALBUM! "Augment" by zircon, from the Geta...

This has become my reply to everyone asking "how did you learn all this #infosec security stuff?" Seriously, try it.


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Augier 23 hours ago
White Genocide ASAP ? O__o

Hypolite Petovan 15 hours ago
Yep, it has to be taken literally, and they're white themself if it can help you understand.

Augier 14 hours ago
Hmm... Ok.

Current status: Eating Cheez Doodles with a pair of kid-sized kitchen tongs.

This is really confusing people to guess where I'm going, and I bumped into them more than once. Had to learn to turn shoulders where I go.
Video games had a consequence on my IRL behavior: "strafing" walking shoulders straight no matter how I weave through people on sidewalks.

Video games had a consequence on my IRL behavior: "strafing" walking shoulders straight no matter how I weave through people on sidewalks.
Thomas Willingham 1 day ago
Forget gaming, you want to try being a cyclist. I unconsciously draft behind other pedestrians, and point to obstacles on the pavement.

Embarrassment Man
Bruce Wayne a choisi de s'appeler Batman car il avait peur des chauves-souris. En suivant cette logique, quel serait ton nom de super-héros?

You got me there @netflix, but it's none of your business, thankfully I'm using someone else's credentials or I would have regretted paying.

Michael_MD 16 hours ago
There still seems to be an issue with displaying png images here

if I change the ext to jpg I can see it.

I'm suspecting I might need to find the right version of libpng and update it to that.

btw FF53 now works here!

*finally* a newer browser I can use on this machine!
albeit not native to the OS so it isn't quite as fast, but its still usable -

h264 might even work now (need to find that post again to test)

but if I let FF53 update itself it breaks.

don't yet know about video - I guess I should try it
but quite happy that I can now hear audio from the browser!

re EME - I turned it off in the browser settings because I'm not sure if its safe to have that on!
guessing sites that use EME probably won't work with that off

I don't see why anything I use right now would want or need it.

If anything intended to be openly, freely and publicly viewable needs EME, its probably broken at THEIR end!

Michael_MD 14 hours ago
no go with ANY video anywhere .. crash crash crash

is there a way to send that to vlc or anything else that works?

Thomas Willingham 13 hours ago
The VLC browser addon used to catch videos and pass them through to itself. This worked best as a kpart, but worked everywhere. I don't think it does that anymore...but that's all you need - somebody must have invented a video pass through addon for all major browsers by now. Just search the relevant addon repos.


Finally migrated to PHP 7

With the recent release of #Debian 9 "Stretch", I have been able to upgrade from #PHP 5.6 to PHP 7.0, and while most of my sites enjoyed a reduction in half of the response time, some had to be overhauled to match PHP 7 new standards.

However, since the upgrade, #Nextcloud 11 outputs a 503 Error I haven't been able to diagnose so far. Anyone else is running Nextcloud 11 with PHP 7 having the same trouble? I doubt it but I'm trying here anyway in the off chance.

Thanks for any help!

muppeth 23 hours ago
@hypolite strange. It was painless for me. Do you still have an issue? Maybe your web server is listening on 9000 port while php uses.. unix socket?

Hypolite Petovan 15 hours ago
@muppeth I use Apache2 with mod_php7.0, so not a socket/port problem, that's why the 503 error is really weird to me.

Michael Vogel 1 hour ago
I had strange issues as well, so I switched back to 5 on my NAS.

Ironic/mocking quote tweets are like Dragon Ball's Genki Dama, you feel powerful but it's just exhausting everyone else around.
Brad Koehn 3 days ago
No idea about Dragon Ball, but I can agree with the sentiment.

Hypolite Petovan 3 days ago
In the Dragon Ball universe, Genki Dama is a fighting technique that draws energy from all nearby lifeforms to create a powerful ball of pure energy that is used to defeat supervillains.

This is pretty misleading, only northern hemisphere self-centered people could ever like to think Australia is "down-under" on a sphere.
Especially to all those Aussies who like to think of themselves as “down-under”:

¡sǝʇɐɯ 'ǝɔᴉʇsloS ɹǝʇuᴉM ʎddɐH
Thomas Willingham 3 days ago
I forget the details, but Australia is officially at the bottom, not just arbitrarily.
Or rather, very arbitrarily, but an arbitrary standard. Something, something, NASA canonically placed the North Pole facing up - the Earth literally is the centre of the universe now - something to do with some map that was confusing to someone or something, and that's now an actual standard.

Hypolite Petovan 3 days ago
I wonder where either standards bodies are located and who might become confused?


Another satisfied Friendica customer!

@Friendica Developers

Bon, comme d'habitude il suffisait de faire un test : !

👏 nickel #Merci ~friendica ~friendica !

Et sur diaspora : je suis bien en repartageur :

👏 👏 \o/

Yup. This is why everything should be HTTPS, even websites without logins/etc.

Hypolite Petovan 3 days ago
Ok, thanks for the explanation.

Brad Koehn 3 days ago
So long as your device isn't compromised (as was the case with some Lonovo Laptops, TLS is pretty safe. There are other trust systems like DNSSEC and DANE that make those attacks even harder, but they're not well supported by the community.

Again, Comcast (the aggressor in your tweet) wouldn't be able to inject ads/malware into your device on its own if you're using HTTPS: it would take a strongly coordinated effort that would be seen as an attack and likely get them sued. As it is, they're in jeopardy of losing their Common Carrier status if they keep this up.

Using EFF's HTTPS Everywhere is a good way to insure you're using it as much as possible. Using a VPN is another good way to keep your ISP from spying on you.

Note to self: Never trust a skateboard shop clerk giving directions to somewhere they noticed because they were skating "slower than usual".

🎵 Hello anxiety my new friend 🎶

Hypolite Petovan 5 days ago
Ha, I'll live. I won't enjoy it much, but I'll live.

Brian Ó 5 days ago
That guy's a dick.

The good is I feel less anxious.
The bad news is that it might have to do with the pain from my skateboard fall.

Is 33 too late to learn how to ride? Cue Lame Skateboard Dad.
#skateboard #skateboarding #dad

Instagram post by Hypolite Petovan • Jun 18, 2017 at 11:31pm UTC

1 Likes, 1 Comments - Hypolite Petovan (@mrpetovan) on Instagram: “Is 33 too late to learn how to ride? Cue Lame Skateboard Dad.
#skateboard #skateboarding #dad”
Mr. Ed 5 days ago
Never too late - go for it!

Hypolite Petovan 5 days ago
It looks like I did! I'll probably never pull off any impressive trick, but I have to be able to teach my daughter how to ride around!

I'm tired and anxious. Nothing I can do to ease my anxiety while I'm tired, and I'm not getting any shut-eye while I'm anxious. Send help.

did you ever try meditation ?

Hypolite Petovan 5 days ago
No, I'm not sure how to do it but I'm definitely open to it now that I don't have much interest in anything anymore. Hey, free time!

So from my experience, you may have already interesting results with really simple exercises like 10 minutes per day or even less.
I used to read a small book from the "pour les nuls" collection if you know it, that was really a pragmatical collection of recipes, and I just picked the first one I encountered.
It's basically counting from 1 to 9, visualizing the number, and kind of synchronizing the appearance and disapperance of the number with the inhale/exhale rythm of breathing. Once to 9, go back to 1 etc...
This is already a discovery to realize that exercise may be difficult (your brain is like a crazy young monkey jumping from branch to branch)
Now I give you that as an example, but to each one his preference, the essential point is having something to focus on, so that you can experience and see the "backround noise" of your mind. You really have to witness it and let it pass, after some tries your ability to focus should improve, I was even quite quickly able to get into a kind of meditation state on demand.
For me the experience lasted some months, I unfortunately quit because I felt some unwanted side effects after some time, like sometimes I was exiting meditation with a strange anger feeling, not at all what I was looking for. So I wonder whether I was tweaking my own engine without knowing exactly what I was doing.
This things happen for some people it seems, quite logical since one of the goal is to let things "decant" so that you see what's left. This may call for practicing with a group or a guide of some type, I never did it though but I think it's a pity: obviously that's a powerful tool, and obviously nothing in our occidental culture is adressing this kind of exercise (except for prayer maybe ?)

Hypolite Petovan 5 days ago
Thanks for the starting point and the forewarnings!