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If you’ve not been on #Twitter lately or never, I can confirm it still mainly is a cesspit of privileged alleged grown-ups rivaling at lacking basic human decency. I won’t provide details for obvious reasons.
To be honest, IRL is also full of indecent privileged grown-ups, but nowhere else Twitter are they so publicly concentrated.

Subscribe to some cool or interesting Twitter users and import them into Friendica. I wouldn't go out there and look at the replies; they can be quite vile.

Some cool Twitter accounts I'm following are occasionally commenting about a vile event on Twitter. I'm not sure I'm ready to stop following them yet.

@hypolite I loved it when it started - I was a beta tester. I met so many awesome people and made some good friends, but, as with all things that become popular, it went downhill and all I could see was spam bots and stuff like that. I haven't _used_ it in ages, but I do have various things that link to it. Don't think I've been to the page in a couple of years though.
It's like Facebook, as well.
Same thing happened.
And before that, IRC.
I made lifelong friends on IRC, back in the day.

I understand, and I feel like Mastodon could be somewhat resilient to the popularity effect, even though some features (like the reshare count) are similar to what made Twitter a dick length competition in the first place.

Decentralization is great because it somewhat compartmentalize people into smaller subset instead of amalgamating everyone into a big ball of nasty. And I feel like any effort to make decentralized social network look or feel like a centralized one (through numbers of shares and federated timelines) could ultimately be Mastodon's downfall. Thankfully, it is up to each instance's admin to decide if some features are worth it or not, so this could be somewhat mitigated.

Capitalism is great because it incentivizes ripping off the public, exploiting your workers, lying to your customers, and selling out the future for short term gains.
The rest of the tweet is less meaningful, here's the full source:

Periodic reminder: legal ≠ moral.
You can follow the law to the letter and be a complete asshole, or break the law for good reasons. It is especially true when laws are written and voted by assholes, which is most of the time.

The law is often an ass...

I just had a discussion like this the other day. My interlocutors had serious difficulties to untangle moral from legal questions. When I had asked whether they thought something is moral or not, most responded that 'Oh.. no you can't do that; it's illegal.'

I felt that was disturbing. Not so much that they couldn't see the ethical dilemma and merely pointed to the legal issue. Much more that their position of equating moral with legal not only implies an uncritical view of the law, but also that it obliterates the very possibility of civil disobedience.
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It's interesting when something illegal becomes legal, and some of those who remember its illegality have great trouble accepting its morality (e.g. being gay).

*anxiety recedes*
- Something feels wrong, am I missing something?
*anxiety resumes*
- Now that's more like it.

Dammit, and I just moved to Flickr. Back to square one, I suppose.

I’m now looking for an iOS app with the same picture editing features as Instagram without any upload capabilities, I’ll post them myself on #Friendica.
Is Snapseed on iOS? It's Google owned, but you have the option to save locally and not sync if you don't want.

Interesting, I didn't know it existed. It is available on the Apple App Store.

No opt-out possible to avoid feeding yet more data to the beast. I'll pass, thanks for the suggestion though!

Yeah, that's why I mentioned it was owned by Google. It's funny when users have to do companies' disclosure work for them. :)

I'm now ready to pay for a photo editing app on iOS for it not to send data to undisclosed third-party. Open-source is a plus.

Recently, one of you posted their debut animation video about a cheese slice climbing up inside a fridge. I showed it to my daughter and now that she's asking for it again, I can't find it for the life of me. Can you please point me back to it?

Subway conversation: “RACIST, i.e Why would Japanese people speak with a Japanese accent in Japan? – An artistic decision? It’s a movie, not a doc.” #Subway #Movie #StreetArt #IsleOfDogs

Wes Anderson seems to have Bill Murray's home phone number or something, he's always in WA films even if it's just a brief cameo.

Hadn't noticed the homophone before! :D By the way, not that it has much to do with the film, but Isle of Dogs is a part of London:

@Hyp☀️li🌷e Pet🌸van (he/him) Ahhh, I gotcha. I've been meaning to check out friendica.

@KrisK TIL Isle of Dogs is a part of London.

I wrote this yesterday night, I slept on it and I still stand by it this morning. It just isn't worth it to have a kid to please someone else, trust me on that.
PSA: Prospective #parents, don't have a kid for someone else. It's testing enough when you personally wanted a kid, but it becomes ridiculous when you didn't. No matter what happens, #kids are for life, when partners may not be.

PSA: Prospective #parents, don't have a kid for someone else. It's testing enough when you personally wanted a kid, but it becomes ridiculous when you didn't. No matter what happens, #kids are for life, when partners may not be.

@Liaizon Wakest @wakest I need your domain name expert advice: is there any better domain name to host a North American Friendica instance than If yes, which one? (idgaf - I decentralized; gotta avoid facebook)

how about

  • .... :like is nice because it's "U.S." and "us". Although if it's all of North America (Canada, etc) that doesn't work so well :P



lmao - love masto, always open-source
omg - our mod @Gargron
wtf - welcome to fediverse
imho - instance moderation & hosting opportunities
smfh - so many furries here
idgaf - I decentralized; gotta avoid facebook

There is an incident with my provider. 😭, and are down. There's nothing I can do about it. The machine is running but the network connection is gone. I'm sorry. 😞
Marco R. doesn't like this.

So that's what happened! I thought my internet connection was playing up again so I just gave up and went to bed :) is working

Announcing the Friendica #newhere Forum! Also, other good forums!
In an effort to provide a bigger "welcoming committee" to new users on Friendica, we have created the Newhere Forum at ! We hope all users new and mature with Friendica will join and help with welcoming new users and answering all the questions new people will have that may not apply to general Friendica support.

Join us today!

Want to follow Friendica news? Follow the Friendica News Forum: @Friendica News

Need more technical community support (server/node questions, site administration/navigation, or other technical questions)? Follow the Friendica Support Forum: @Friendica Support

#newhere #friendica #support #welcome #questionsanswered #greetings #neuhier #nouveauici #nuevoaqui #nuovoqui

I’ve completed a cool niche feature for #Friendica but I can’t submit it until I’ve written extensive documentation for it, ugh.
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Why are this > 1,000 files?

Hum, dependencies that can't be offloaded to composer install since it's in an addon?

But mostly two entire Javascript projects even though we only are using a single distribution minified file.

Okay. I will have a look at it when I'm less tired.


That feeling when you're on your lunch break, but can't logon to your server to check out the latest cool-cat feature PR...

silex and symphony are enourmous frameworks

(though re symphony I guess some components could be used separately)

What do you think about Slim, the framework I actually used? And yes, I used a Symfony Component separately. No way I was importing the whole Symfony framework.

What is now the feature?

I think the feature is just the announcement .. maybe an announcement feature? ;)

Small niche, nothing anybody is going to use Add advancedcontentfilter addon.

The advanced content filter matches each post that is about to be displayed against each enabled rule you set.

A rule is a boolean expression that should return either `true` or `false` depending on post variables.

If the expression using a post variables returns `true`, the post will be collapsed and the matching rule name will be displayed above the collapsed content.

A post will be collapsed if at least one rule matches, but all matching rule names will be displayed above the collapsed content.

nothing anybody is going to use


I hope that there will be a good documentation.


Ooops, did I really said that?

Just have a look into the PR

I may have anarcho-communist sympathies, I wasn’t especially happy yesterday when someone seized my means of production (work laptop) while I was at the playground with my daughter.
Marco R. doesn't like this.

upss .. i definitely missunderstud .. i thought your daughter seized to play herself ..
(thats kindergarten anarcho-communism your talking about .. that's a**holes nothing less .. :(

Needless to say I didn’t file a police report.

Shoutout to Henry Cipolla and his Post Test Server V2 that allowed me to debug a quirky IFTTT issue, Now that Request Bin has been closed this is the only service I know that accepts random POST requests to test web hooks and callbacks.

The crude humor of the service isn't lost on me either, and that's one more good reason to use PTSV2.

I've spent the last 30 minutes trying every possible way to bulk download my Instagram pictures but everything failed. I suspect a recent breaking change in Instagram API in the wake of #DeleteFacebook . And no, with 230 pictures in my Facebook's name, I won't do it manually.
Marco R. doesn't like this.

You can do ~~strikethrough~~ in markdown with two tildes:

Well but the the strikethrough is not working in #Friendica. ;-)

See here:

Thanks for the hint about striked text in Markdown, we just need to add it to our HTML to Markdown filter.

Aaah, sorry... I guess we talked about that before, I just forgot.