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Everyday mystery: “Erik, where should be the limit for the top line?”
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Warhammer 40,000 animated pixel art dioramas!

Those of you familiar with the Warhammer 40,000 war game, its miniatures and its colorful universe will know the extent fans will go to create beautiful dioramas incorporating customized miniatures as well as handmade scenery.

However, SteeJoe on DeviantArt has taken a different approach, by depicting the diverse armies of this universe constantly at war in animated pixel art dioramas. The final artwork is breathtaking and must require an impressive amount of work as there aren't any existing Warhammer 40,000 pixel art models to use.

Here are a couple of the smallest ones, but Psyforce64 on Deviantart collected all of them, and the biggest ones include impressive special effects.

Per the Filipino-born Canadian artist, the pixel art itself is done in Photoshop, and the animation is done in After Effect.

#pixel #pixelart #warhammer40000

I think it is quite common to use whatever biographical info you can to understand art. I agree that it is mostly completely unnecessary. A good example is Edvard Munch who I have very often heard being viewed as typical Nordic, while his art really is mostly inspired by (and look like) impressionist and early expressionist art from France and Germany.

It doesn't make any difference to me personally other than to celebrate diversity, and all those information are publicly displayed on his DeviantArt profile anyway.

COMIC 500 IS OUT!!!!!
Read it at It took me all year to make, I hope you enjoy it! :D


This is a webcomic.

Check out this neat cosplay of a “Scrapulance” from Mad Max: The Game.
#madmaxgame #scrap #pickup

Very poetic, the daisies. Saw these on a Sunday afternoon walk 12 years ago through my neighbourhood. The root could be the famous Hobbit hiding place. Never found out where the hooded sitting figure fits in. Image/photo

Friendly v0.6.1
Small new release to (hopefully) fix a problem opening private messages and conversations thread from Notifications page.

Get it on openrepos
if only phones that could run any of that that were *locally* available somewhere on the planet

still yet to find

need a new phone but still never seen anything in a store that isn't way too locked down

as in I want to know *for sure* if there is user freedom BEFORE I buy - so MUST be a store I can actually go to in person.

Sailfish is available for Sony Xperia X.

yes but where can I get one of those? (locally in a shop I can actually go to)


Removing the I in "Food Delivery"

The other evening came the dreaded moment of choosing delivery dinner #food, and living in Brooklyn you can pretty much have food from about 10 countries a few blocks away. And I hate choosing!

So I came up with a stupid idea: I would get no food including the #letter "I". Why this specific letter? Because I wasn't in the mood for pizza nor Italian, and both words contain an "I".

It turns out many food item names contain an "I", so this turned out pretty successful to curb the amount of choices. Consider this:
  • No Italian
  • No Indian
  • No Mexican
  • No Thai
  • No Chinese
  • No American
  • No Fries
  • No Wings
  • No Pizza
  • No Bread/Mozzarella Sticks
  • No Chicken
  • No Vegetarian
  • No Quinoa
  • No Rice
  • No Ice Cream
  • No Milkshake
  • No Swiss Cheese
  • No Onions (Rings)
  • No Olives
  • No Souvlakis
  • No Sushi
  • No Sashimi
  • No Teriyaki
  • No Hibachi
  • No Bulgogi
  • No Ribs
  • No Mayonnaise
  • No Pepsi
  • No *Berries
  • No Sparkling Water

I ended up ordering a steak burger with cheddar cheese (but no onions nor fries) and a side of Mac&Cheese (although macaroni...).

And for you non native English speakers, what forbidden letter would kill most of the food choices in your #language?

E is probably the most effective for German, and English as well actually.

It is the most frequent vowel in French, English and German, but maybe the frequency is slightly different in the food lexicon.

Well in Thai there are15 vowel symbols that combine into about 28 vowel sounds. So choosing one specifc vowel would not exclude so many dishes. But if we play this game laterally, we could choose a consonant: such as "ก" or "ข" which are literally referred to as "chicken" and "egg" respectively. In this way one may also exclude any dishes that for example contain snake, buffalo, horse, turtle, or fish.


Thanks for the random Thai language lesson!

New Friendiqa version v0.1.2
Hi there, I pushed a new Friendiqa version to Github and my F-Droid binary repo. The App now includes OpenSSL libraries and should work with Android v7 and above. Could someone test it. I'm releasing it on Google Playstore this weekend. @Friendiqa @Friendica Developers

Actually, I'm pretty sure that "Your telephone number" with 21 characters, a capital and a special character is a stronger password than all the other choices.

Obviously the right answer is "Qwerty1234CucumberYourTelephoneNumberR@1nbows✓Good Answer"

@Jonne Haß ☑️ All of the above, concatenated

Tripe begets tripe.


Micro-complaint: misusage of "momentum" in medias

I've seen "momentum" being chronically used in medias about sports or politics. It is a scientific term that enables precise predictions about the future position of a moving object. However, in sports and politics it's either used in hindsight or to mean "slight increase" or "start of a win streak" with no predictive feature whatsoever.

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That's really a momentum, isn't it?

You made me laugh, you win!

Looks like your post is gaining momentum!


A Firefox extension to replace Youtube with Hooktube

HookTube uses the YouTube API to show videos without any of YouTube's tracking.

Hooktubeify – Add-ons for Firefox

Automatically redirect YouTube links to Hooktube ( instead, unless you're already on YouTube. Your request never reaches YouTube servers.Hooktube lets you watch YouTube videos without being tracked by Google. If you think this add-on violates Mozilla's add-on policies or has security or privacy issues, please report these issu...
via @Se7h ? ? ? and @Pafzedog

#privacy #youtube #hooktube #video

@hypolite @Pafzedog
Nice one :)

"without any of YouTube's tracking" => on #hooktube I still need to allow javascript from to play videos.. Isn't that still a way for "the G" to track my viewings?

@nicooo It's possible, HookTube uses Google's API anyway, so there can always be something. As usual, the only way mot to be tracked by Google is not using any of their service/product at all.

IMHO there is a big difference between my browser communicating directly with some google server, i.e. the company getting much of my personal data, and hooktube's server downloading or proxying a video from said google server.
In the latter case there is not much info for google to grab about me, just that someone on hooktube requested this video.
See what I mean?

@nicooo Absolutely, but ultimately it's your browser that is playing the video, hooktube doesn't proxy everything from video stream to user inputs.

Yup, I guess #hooktube does not have the capacity to mirror or proxy every video.
Still the front page advertises that one can "View quarantined videos as they appeared before YouTube Heroes got to them."
I'm guessing now this isn't true of deleted videos, only those in special "quarantine" state, still somehow fetchable from youtube.

Hopefully #peertube comes in to help build an even stronger alternative at some point 😀

@nicooo Agreed, but #peertube needs a much bigger concerted effort than Hooktube does.

Indeed getting quite some momentum right now, which is amazing. Getting funding thanks to #framasoft also surely helps 😉

This is great! But for some reason, putting a hooktube URL directly into a Friendica post does not work. This would be quite useful, I think.



Please submit an issue on GitHub so that it lands on the radar of one of us. It's not really complicated, but someone™️ has to take some time to do it.

Will do. Thanks for confirming this!

"The Los Angeles Police Department asked drivers to avoid navigation apps, which are steering users onto more open routes — in this case, streets in the neighborhoods that are on fire."

Firefighters attempt to contain Bel-Air blaze ahead of the strong winds expected Thursday night

Firefighters scrambled Wednesday afternoon to make progress against the Skirball fire burning in Bel-Air before the return of strong wi...

Comme promis, mon recueil de nouvelles est disponible ! Il fait 220 pages et coûte 20 € (frais de port compris) ; les bénéfices sont intégralement reversés à notre collectif de soutien aux réfugié.e.s et notre collectif féministe. Pour le commander :

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Kaufen Sie Un mug et du thé chaud von Norden Gail (Paperback) online bei Lulu DE. Besuchen Sie den Lulu-Marktplatz, um alle Produktdetails, Bewertungen und Rezensionen zu lesen.

Because I needed it recently, a reminder:

It's ok to turn off push notifications from apps. It's ok to unsubscribe from email lists. It's ok to unfollow. Your attention is yours to give.


With the elections of Donald Trump to President, Greg Gianforte to Congress and expected Roy Moore to Senate, the United States is proving any country calling them a depraved, bullying, racist, corrupt and morally bankrupt place indubitably right. Within a year.

Via @xuenay

Scott Aaronson wrote:
[...]given the way civilization seems to be headed, I’m actually mildly in favor of superintelligences coming into being sooner rather than later. Like, given the choice between a hypothetical paperclip maximizer destroying the galaxy, versus a delusional autocrat burning civilization to the ground while his supporters cheer him on and his opponents fight amongst themselves, I’m just about ready to take my chances with the AI. Sure, superintelligence is scary, but stupidity has already been given its chance and been found wanting.

#superintelligence #artificialintelligence #existentialrisk
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@hypolite we *could* go for, like, new forms of government

Really that's what superintelligence would need to do anyways

It would need to pay a lot of attention to us, listen to our concerns, act as a mediator...

And if you can express all those as optimization functions you get an AI negotiator that is to human negotiation as computer vision is to human vision

@hypolite so, useful, like a better version of those lawyer bots that help immigrants via facebook

But you still need a human involved to tell it what to care about

@LogicalDash I'd rather not think too much about what we could do and what is actually happening because it's never been further apart in my lifetime. I truly share the feeling expressed above that any existential risk isn't worse than the contempt rich humans have for pretty much anything else these days.

@hypolite ok, but that works better as an argument for violent revolution than for robots

It's mostly rich humans building the robots, and the paperclips are your browsing habits and stuff

@LogicalDash Indeed, but the prospects of a violent revolution are slim, and that it would usher a better society even slimmer. On the contrary, that greed-motivated rich robot builders fuck up and end up sealing our fate seems way more probable to me.

@hypolite well, that means siding with the superintelligence is submission to the rich

So this is an argument for inaction

Unless you're in charge of robots I guess

@hypolite I too have difficulty imagining the way to a better world, and a part of my motivation for making LiSE is to make that easier to imagine

@LogicalDash I wanted to do the same with a macro level geopolitical simulation, but the size of the task finally got the better of me.

Ah, right, I do tend to become one of those paperclip maximizers myself ^^


More about Twitter's toxicity

It's now been about two months since I deleted the Twitter app from my mobile phone, and I've already written about Twitter's toxicity, but something struck me again recently.

On no other social network I've ever been on people hate-retweet so much than on #Twitter. Not even on #Facebook. Hate-retweeting is the act of mentioning someone else's tweet to comment on how bad you think the tweet, the opinion expressed or the person is to you. I don't exactly understand why people on Twitter feel the need of doing that more than on any other platforms, but I have a few hunches:
  • Twitter is hugely popular and mostly public. Many famous people are using it for everyone else to see.
  • The short format encourages candid reactions to events, and the publicity again push people to be the first to comment on anything newsworthy.
  • Anger and humor naturally spread faster than any other speech tone. By combining both, snarky remarks gets the engagement jackpot, which in turn makes them more readily available by Twitter's suggestion features.

For all these reasons, I'm more glad than ever to host my own #Friendica decentralized social network server where there's no public feed to speak of, I control what strikes my eyeballs in my feed, and I feel much less "social media fatigue" than I used to on Twitter. Which means I'm more sensitive to the fewer instances of hate-retweets I still get from my linked Twitter account than when I used to see more of them.

Oh well.
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Another example of how Twitter creates it's own verbs. It wasn't until these type of social interactions really started getting popular/defined, that I learned of "Sub-Tweeting". This is the act of tweeting about a person but not mentioning them (with an @ or otherwise). Basically as a way to bad mouth them publicly but have plausible deniability as well. Kind of like, we all know who you're talking about, but you didn't really say who you were talking about.

Indeed, I got called out once for actually mentioning someone who was evidently the target of such a sub-tweet. I don't think jargon is specific to Twitter, but the extent to which it is negative (sub-tweet, hate-retweet, meltdown, hot/nuclear take, ratioed, ...) certainly is.

Swung by #Twitter again, got mad again, I'll never learn, won't I?
Relax. Don't worry, be happy! ^-^

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