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I am thinking of building a system with a write only disk, and a RAM disk homefolder (and things like logs). Anyone know of a good source of a high RAM laptop?
I just realized that people might think that this is because I am paranoid.

I just don't want cruft.

write only disk? You mean read-only?

Yeah, you'd need a far bit of RAM to make it work. With SSD drive or flash disk?

Wait, every time you power off your laptop your home folder is gone?

That's the plan! And my logs!

It would reduce cruft!

Said the guy who bought a carload of RPG books. Cruft is life, embrace it.

You'd normally have a home partition somewhere. There are some Linux distros specifically geared for such set ups. Knoppix, I think is one example.

I used to work with a system like this before, where the company's system admin objected to a Linux installation on their machines. It broke the CD drive after sometime of using it as a read-only HD, at which point the admin saw the light...
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I mean - yes. But I really want a thin client that has enough to bootstrap wifi+wpa/ssh/a few local tools

Do as much externally as possible, use it for forensics and dealing with weird systems, bring it across borders, and generally use it for strange circumstances. Use external AIDE to make sure nothing ever changes, ever.

So, the cruft would be on "someone else's computer"?

Well - my own computer - just - a far away one

I think, a laptop with a reasonably RAM spec would do for precisely this.

Yeah - but I feel like I'd need 16 or so GB - and that's rarely shipped outside of $1500 laptops