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Started watching Altered Carbon, the new Netflix exclusive TV show. I would say it’s Cybernoir like Blade Runner from which the impressive visual ambiance is obviously directly inspired rather than Cyberpunk like Shadowrun.
Shadowrun is an odd example, as it's a pastiche of cyberpunk and Tolkienesque high fantasy. AC has a definite and deliberate noir style, but I also see strong elements of cyberpunk in the presence of conciousness transfer, virtual reality, body augmentation, dystopian society, AI, etc.

I'd call it Neo-noir Cyberpunk.

There's also a weird techno-ninja, like something straight out of a Gibson novel.

I've finished episode 5. Still trying to figure out if Kovacs is really a sociopath, or just putting on an act.

@Brian Ó 🐟 I’m seeing a lot of Cyber and Noir indeed, but not a lot of punk, or at least it isn’t the main plot point, merely background noise. Hence my requalification.

I just watched the first two episodes though, so it could very change in the future.

After reading this thread yesterday, I started watching as well. I got through the first three episodes. I am enjoying it so far!

From Shadowrun perspective it might be not cyberpunk, but from the literatur genre it is absolutely cyberpunk. In Cyberpunk there are no magical creatures like in Shadowrun. There is only sci-fi, sex, drugs, rock'n'roll, bodymodifactions and a lot cyberspace. Altered Carbon has all these topics.

The only thing it's missing, really, is mega corporations.

The "Meths" are the mega corporations in my opinion.

I've only seen the first three episodes, but wouldn't Bancroft count as mega corporation?

They're definitely a ruling elite, but it's not quite the same thing.

For me, the existence of the Protectorate is indeed what sets apart Altered Carbon from what I believe is Cyberpunk. Like I said, most components of Cyber- are there, bodymods, bioidendification, cyberspace, AR, VR and autonomous AIs. But the fact that the main character is leading an investigation with nothing to lose in a cold, detached fashion is why I'm leaning towards Cybernoir. After all, police, corruption, rain, sex and drugs are defining part of the Noir genre as I see it.

Cyberpunk, on the other hand, would have no meaningful central government, and private militias instead of a public police force. It may not seem much, but as soon as we dive into subgenres, then it's all in the details.