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Look at those who got everything for free and got away with everything so far and can't bear the thought of it ever changing. 👇
Imagine if these people ever faced actual oppression.

who? and about what?

guessing some of it could be the result of people looking only inside walled garden filter bubbles for too long and losing touch with the world outside.

people need to realise the dangers of such isolation even if some of it is self-imposed.

Out of context, this looks like a group of people looking for Frankenstein's Monster...

What are these ppl?

I saw a comment that said "They look like the people trying to get Shrek out of his swamp".

Alt-right, men's right activists, actual Nazis sympathizers, "disenfranchised young white men", mainly protesting multiculturalism and promoting ethnostates and masturbation abstinence.