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GNU Social isn't for me

To replace Facebook in my life, I self-hosted an instance of Diaspora then Friendica (from where I'm writing right now), and I thought I could self-host a GNU Social instance to better communicate with Mastodon accounts.

However, I quickly realized that I wouldn't be able to use it for a simple reason: my timeline was filled with replies to conversations I wasn't a part of. The ratio signal/noise is then extremely low. I've been told it's a feature of the OStatus protocol, which means it won't get fixed anytime soon.

At Friendica we support OStatus but we mitigate the clutter by threading conversations and trying to ignore replies that don't concern us. It doesn't work completely reliably, but for me it already is heaps better than the constant chatter I couldn't make sense of in GNU Social.

#federation #friendica #gnusocial #mastodon
Eugen 5 months ago
@hypolite Mastodon excludes replies to people you don't follow from your home timeline.

Hypolite Petovan 5 months ago
@Gargron Thanks for the tip, however I'm not versed enough in Mastodon's technical stack to want to self-host an instance, and I know too much about web development to want to create an account on an instance I don't self-host. 😅

My initial motivation to host GNU Social was the Mastodon compatibility while being a PHP project I'm professionally familiar with. This is the same impulse that led me to move from the popular Diaspora project in Ruby on Rails to the niche Friendica project in PHP months ago.

Adam Snider 5 months ago
@hypolite Friendica can communicate with GNU Social and Mastodon? That's really cool.

I'll been looking at something like diaspora or Hubzilla. Perhaps Friendica is the best choice, if it can talk to the other OStatus networks. (Is the communication two way? Can you read this?)

isAAAc 5 months ago
it's worst since mass arrival of mastodon users (wich come most from twitter , looks like twitter culture infection of GS ^^ )

Hypolite Petovan 5 months ago
This isn't my experience, I got most of the noise from regular GNU Social users rather than casual Mastodon users.

Gab 5 months ago
realized* (oups)

Gab 5 months ago
Same feeling here. I was wondering how peoples were keeping tracks of all these small conversations... and then realize they don't...

isAAAc 5 months ago
"talking in the wind" and random answer

jeroenpraat 5 months ago
@hypolite Mastodon and GNU social are more Twitter like. Friendica, Diaspora and Hubzilla are more like Facebook. They are two different ways of communication. Single messages (that can be threaded, but live on their own) vs. forum threading (one parent message with many siblings).

Hypolite Petovan 5 months ago
@jeroenpraat I'm aware of that, and I like that Friendica is threading OStatus messages, makes them organized and easy to dismiss if I'm not interested in the conversation.

Robert Aronson ✅ 5 months ago
@hypolite I'm sorry this isn't related very much to what you just said, but question: your toot is well over 500 characters, yet it posted. How did you do this, exactly? With Friendica?

Hypolite Petovan 5 months ago
@vespin_feebler Yes, I posted it on my Friendica instance, then it got federated with the Mastodon instances hosting users following me in its original form. The 500 characters limit is completely arbitrary and has no bearing on any physical limitations.

Fabio 5 months ago
Well, maybe DB field dimension :-P

Hypolite Petovan 5 months ago
Not even, Gargron was thinking about how make links of any length count as a fixed amount of character to avoid URL shorteners, the DB field clearly isn't set to 500 chars.

Adam Magness 5 months ago
I recently killed off my own instance of GNUSocial and enabled the OStatus features on my Friendica instance, and just followed the few people I was following (i.e. Quitter accounts). I felt I didn't really need to run two "servers", Friendica is everything I need.

isAAAc 5 months ago
Agree, i like friendica for now, but i 'm noob on it

Hypolite Petovan 5 months ago
@Friendica France or @Friendica Support are there to help!

isAAAc 5 months ago
I'll touch them if needed, thx for the remind ;)