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I'm tired and anxious. Nothing I can do to ease my anxiety while I'm tired, and I'm not getting any shut-eye while I'm anxious. Send help.

Odin wrote:
The unwise man is awake all night,
and ponders everything over;
when morning comes he is weary in mind,
and all is a burden as ever.

weed? kind of "double or quits" in that domain

Ha, even if I had any desire to try, I wouldn't know anyone selling or even using. This parallel economy has always been mysterious to me. Thanks for the suggestion, I was able to sleep for a few hours after all.

weed is illegal in NYC ?

I didn't check myself, but I'm pretty sure it is. Only a few states in the US have allowed it for medical reasons or personal consumption.

Caffeine and calorie intake? I have recently cut both and am now much more mentally alert, less "sleepy"/needing less stimulant and sleep much better. I strongly recommend it.

Thanks for the advice, however I never drank coffee, and I'm not eating much these days, so I'm pretty sure I can rule both them out.

did you ever try meditation ?

No, I'm not sure how to do it but I'm definitely open to it now that I don't have much interest in anything anymore. Hey, free time!

So from my experience, you may have already interesting results with really simple exercises like 10 minutes per day or even less.
I used to read a small book from the "pour les nuls" collection if you know it, that was really a pragmatical collection of recipes, and I just picked the first one I encountered.
It's basically counting from 1 to 9, visualizing the number, and kind of synchronizing the appearance and disapperance of the number with the inhale/exhale rythm of breathing. Once to 9, go back to 1 etc...
This is already a discovery to realize that exercise may be difficult (your brain is like a crazy young monkey jumping from branch to branch)
Now I give you that as an example, but to each one his preference, the essential point is having something to focus on, so that you can experience and see the "backround noise" of your mind. You really have to witness it and let it pass, after some tries your ability to focus should improve, I was even quite quickly able to get into a kind of meditation state on demand.
For me the experience lasted some months, I unfortun... show more

Thanks for the starting point and the forewarnings!