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The #blockchain: an ill-understood mechanism that people try to accommodate to everything to make a quick buck, very much like how #radioactive minerals were used in cosmetics and medicine early XXth century:
@hypolite blockchains don't make you tingle the same way tho :<

Reading the blockchain fan public comments online convinced me the negative health effects are pretty similar.

@hypolite You should totally watch/listen to this lecture:

But do NOT read the comments.

I'm pretty sure I already know why i shouldn't touch anything blockchain or cryptocurrency-related, so I might pass on it but it will be useful to other people.

@hypolite It's worth watching anyway, because the takedown is _hilarious_.

I trust you it is, but I don't want to devote 49 minutes of my time to this video.

@hypolite Neither do I, which is why I downloaded the audio and listened to it as a podcast.

@hypolite It's something I do a lot with videos of talks and stuff. There's a site I use called which lets you save audio to it and turns it into a podcast feed. Then, there's the Huffduff-Video bookmarklet at which takes audio from various video sources, rips it out, and saves it to huffduffer. Super-handy!

@hypolite I want to try that toothpaste!

So, I was closer than I thought in my original post? This isn't good news.