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If you were still wondering why IT is historically unwelcoming to women.
She looks thrilled.

Quite likely this photo shows the moment when he is being touched by a women the very first time ^^

I'm sorry, I don't subscribe to the virgin humor, as it is directly part of toxic masculinity culture. There's nothing wrong with not having had sex yet, and it most definitely isn't owed to men by women.

Most of the nerds I know have had plenty of sex.

I'm sorry. People who don't know me of course also couldn't know that i did this bad joke from the position of being one of these extreme nerds. I had my first kiss in my twenties and in this age posing for this photo would have been the most 'sexual' adventure of my life. And many if not most of the young programmers in the company i was working back then have been in a similar situation.

Maybe times changed or it's different in other countries but that was my own experience in the 90s in Germany.

However you're right: There are subjects where it's better not to make fun about.

That's okay, I didn't make any assumptions about you, and like I said, it's also perfectly okay to have late intimate experiences.

Unfortunately the opposite feeling has been fostered and exploited by conservative voices to get people against feminism and women's rights in general.

Regardless of his sexual experience, I think it's sort of degrading to imply that the company bought him a whore as a welcome back present.

Oh, this is awful alright, but it says more about the sexist company culture than the guy himself.

Getting touched by a woman for money is really not a dream job. But back then 2000 pounds might have been a lot of money though.