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My iPhone 6S’s usability has reached the point I thought Android phones already were at, but it now seems I was mistaken about them.
#iOS11 Random app crashes in low connectivity conditions (subway), general slowness and reduced battery life for 0 improvements. 👌
@hypolite iOS 11.1b4 is a huge improvement for stability. Should drop this week, if not tomorrow.

@jeanofthedead Thanks, fellow #Fediverse dweller! I have no idea how my post reached you but it makes me giddy knowing it did!

@hypolite I don’t have the slightest grasp on how Mastodon works, but it’s fun being able to reply to random folks around the Fediverse!

@jeanofthedead It is! By the way, I'm still on iOS 11.0.3 ☹️

@hypolite I just downgraded to iOS 11.0.3 from 11.1b5. They ironed out a lot of bugs, but the battery drain was out of this world. Oh, well!