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Who voted on the issue of the government form on Mars?
I have a hard time believing the "government" won't be a private corporation. Mars will be a company town.

I believe you are correct, so private despotism it is. This way nobody gets to be responsible in the case of the inevitable accident provoked by budget cuts.

TBH, when living someplace where a single mistake could kill everyone, I'm not sure you'd want popular rule.

I wholeheartedly agree with you, but it still should be a public venture, not a private one.

I'm reading Artemis right now, Andy Weir's second book. It takes place on a lunar colony that has a predominantly tourist economy. It's run by a privatized branch of the Kenyan government.

Be sure to tell me how it turns out!

Only if it's a prediction. However it may well be a decision...

Billionaires don't lie. Their fortune is proof of their virtue.

People believing this currently are in power in the USA right now, the sarcasm unfortunately falls flat on its head.

Their political success is proof of their virtue.

^-----virtue worth crying over

Politicians are all liars and crooks except for the one I like.

Still better than "Politicians are all liars and crooks" because at least there's a glimpse of hope!

Vermin Supreme; a benevolent dictator

If only the rent weren't so high, maybe his campaign could have financed a win...
le sigh

I want a fucking pony.

Beats a military industrial prison complex.....
plus he promised to be a nice narcissist.