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On Twitter's toxicity

Last month, I deleted my Twitter app from my phone, only keeping up with a carefully curated list of #Twitter contacts through #Friendica's Twitter bridge. I took this step because looking at Twitter made me invariably moody when not outright angry. And I blamed Twitter's engineered toxicity. It was credible from a company more interested in suspending accounts for swearing at verified accounts than banning white supremacist, more interested in making headlines than ban dangerous lunatic Donald Trump from using their services.

For a while, this trick seemed to work. Twitter goes to great length showing users heaps of unwarranted content: sponsored posts, tweets your contacts liked, even all the replies to a single tweets, which can range from somewhat funny to downright awful on touchy subjects (= all of them). The Friendica Twitter Bridge eliminates all this noise, only keeping content from contacts I directly follow or direct replies to me.

And yet, tonight again I'm awaken at 04:00am, writing snarky replies to random strangers on Twitter, all that because someone I follow shared yet another trash opinion article from a privileged prick, which he admitted not knowing but thought he made "good points".

I'm starting to feel that the problem isn't specifically with Twitter, although it has its flaws, but with the western "civilized" society I happen to have lived within all my life. I mean, I never thought it was great, but every glaring injustice it fosters or even defends I'm becoming aware of is yet another gut punch I have to deal with, Twitter or not, vetted contacts or not.

I was of course aware the world was cruel and uncaring except for a chosen few before, but having a kid makes it even more poignant, more hurtful, and I can't help wondering how my daughter will be hurt, since it never was an "if"...

It's 05:00am now, alarm is at 07:00am, I know I won't sleep but I still have to try...
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It is not necessary for you to let people know they are wrong. Let them go; you cannot change their minds anyway.

This is true, but even without getting into vain fights, I'm still hurting. And stabs are coming from everywhere.

That's really hard. I've had to leave a lot of "social" media in order to take care of myself. The downsides were just too much for me, and focusing on taking good care of myself was much healthier for me and those around me.

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