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Pretty revealing that US politicians can be in trouble for lying to the FBI, but not to 320+ millions US persons during every single press conference. #policestate
Democrats rigged their own election in 2016 (they even admitted to this in 2017)

Now President during the first GOP Primary debate confessed to not only colluding in political bribery in the past with Hillary Clinton, but to have done so with everyone on the stage with him from the GOP that evening live on TV & Internet broadcast. The confession stands on Youtube and else to this day.

Despite these occurrences, nationally law enforcement did nothing, the executive branch did nothing, the legislative branch did nothing, and the judicial branch did nothing.

How so many missed the fact these things occurred I have no idea.

Even more bizarre, even more missed how many other global "leaders" (from nations, to business, to religious institutions) proceeded to act as if there was a single bit of legitimacy to what issued from it's aftermath.

These things (and more) happened in 2017. (granted with a start in later 2016)
As I told some associates last night, 2017 is one for the record books in global absurdity.

This is a complicated topic. I have the same initial feeling that 2017 events are utterly absurd and the more people should at least recognize it. But it just is a problem with my expectations of "normal", really, that are way off reality because my ignorance of the powerful trending forces at play while I thought things weren't that bad.

For example, Obama's presidency felt reassuring because he has poise and carefully choose his words. But in the background the Republicans were hard at work undermining voting laws, snatching seats all over the country harvesting low-hanging fruits of racism and terrorism fear.

Obama has a Nobel Peace prize and personally signed off on over 26,000 bombs (on record) being dropped his last year in office alone.

"Despite these occurrences, nationally law enforcement did nothing, the executive branch did nothing, the legislative branch did nothing, and the judicial branch did nothing."

So bomb drops aside, Obama was right in there with going
"Rigged elections? Rampant political bribery? SOUNDS PERFECTLY O.K. TO ME!" :-D

anyhow, beyond that nonsense that somehow billions bought into
in the first quarter of the S&P 500 record setting year of 2017
10 companies accounted for 40% of the total gains.
This naturally meant the remaining 490 companies accounted for 60% of the gains.
Which naturally meant of the remaining 490 companies, their was an average contribution of .112% to the market.
Now despite the fact that if the top 10 companies were removed this meant that an unpreceden... show more

I'm kind of giving the world the benefit of the the doubt, I'm pretty sure there was a pretty big difference between political speeches and actions before Trump and Macron, before Obama and Hollande, even before Bush Jr. and Sarkozy, but at this time I wasn't paying much attention to political news.

But since I started paying attention, it's been pretty much the same blatant disconnection between displayed intentions, actual actions and the reality. It feels like there's less and less scruples at the highest offices, but then again it may also be because I started getting exposed to more politics than usual.