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New Friendiqa version v0.1.2

Hi there, I pushed a new Friendiqa version to Github and my F-Droid binary repo. The App now includes OpenSSL libraries and should work with Android v7 and above. Could someone test it. I'm releasing it on Google Playstore this weekend. @Friendiqa @Friendica Developers
Would be really great to know!

Quanto sei bello hai un fisico statuario. :)

Still have the same error :(

Are you shure you installed the latest version? I tried it in Android emulator with 7.1 and it worked...

I just installed new version on my tablet to test.

I can't see a version number, but F-Droid told me "Updated yesterday". So it should be that version, or not?

Oh im sorry. _Your are right, I don'T have the actuyl Version, even i use your fdroid repo as source. Ok I'm waiting till i can install it.

You can see the version number if you click the question symbol on the config tab. I put a new version on f-droid with openssl 1.0.2n there yesterday.

Could you also check if you have a firewall installed?

It's working. I get a timeline.

Hi @Marco R. How to add your repository to F-Droid?

It should be Options --> sources --> "+" symbol

That's great! Thanks very much.

Just testing the reply function with a screenshot added.


Haha... I wasn't sure how public this particular post was meant to be that incidentally showed up in my timeline. So I smudged it before posting it to the public.
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